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Gannon Hall turns into an iconic pop star with her soulful new tracks



The songwriter, Gannon Hall has turned into a full-fledged producer and singer with the new singles that are teeming with her freshness and rare style of singing.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, Jun 3, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The new artist coming out of California, Gannon Hall is shining brighter than the sun on the horizon of pop music with the blast of her fresh voice. She has earned a gazillion fans within a short period of her stardom with heartfelt narrations. Her shtick in composing pop numbers in an unexpected twist of a variety of sound textures sets her an ideal example for the upcoming musicians who can learn to break free and make an individually distinct genre. The recent numbers are as expressive as her untamed prowess of echoing vocalization. 

The new track ‘Neon Lights‘ speaks more of her vivid emotions and inevitable imageries that build a wall full of broken images and narrates a story of deepest feelings. Her ethereal vocal allows her to share the stories easefully and strikes a chord with the people from various demographics. Her music is a cloud of a loud, harmonious, and fine-drawn blend of pop and mild electronica. ‘Stardust‘ is sung in a typical style that shows the void of a teenage lover who wishes to win over her lover’s heart with a spell. 

Gannon Hall found the flair of writing songs at a young age that helped her with all the break-down moments in life and resulted in another masterpiece. Her unprecedented variations in urban pop have given her the ground to explore her passion without any restrictions. ‘Vanishing Point‘ is a mesmerizing pop song that revives the yearning in our soul with the enthralling hitch pitch chorus in the song. ‘Far from Home‘ is the new EDM/Pop song that is teemed with subtle features of neo-swing welded in the pop rhythms. Look into her Facebook posts to get notified about her future projects.

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