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New Insurance company entering Wichita market


The Harvard GroupA Firefly Agency

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Wichita, Jun 3, 2020 ( – The Harvard Group Launches ‘The Firefly Agency’ in Wichita, Kansas 

The Harvard Group has announced a partnership with a national marketing and independent agency group, The Firefly Agency, providing an array of new insurance options to communities throughout Kansas. 

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The new partnership, which utilizes an independent model of products with more than 20 nationwide insurance companies, offers more options to Kansas residents currently looking for better insurance alternatives. The grand opening has been postponed due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, but the agency is now open for business and taking on new clients and hiring new agents. 

“We’re extremely proud for this opportunity to serve all of Kansas with insurance products they’ve very likely never had access to,” states Barry Parks, the principal agent and owner of The Harvard Group-Firefly Agency. 

The Harvard Group is a brokerage that offers a suite of professional services to assist businesses of all sizes as they seek to mitigate risk, increase employee retention, improve recruiting, and reduce tax liability. The partnership with The Firefly Agency comes after the realization that there was a need for a wider array of insurance options throughout Kansas.

This arrangement offers what the company believes will be a more robust and competitive solution to clients, without the limitations of a large captive, one-size-fits-all – brand. The company offers products for auto, home, and business insurance needs, with increased options for those with less than perfect credit or driving history. 

Parks adds, “We are thrilled for our new and existing clients and are excited that our office is the first Firefly Agency in the state of Kansas.” 

The Harvard Group–A Firefly Agency, is currently looking to add independent insurance agents to their team who are looking for opportunities to receive better institutional support, better overall marketing, and increased brand exposure.

For full partnership details regarding The Harvard Group – A Firefly Agency, please visit for more information.


About the Company:

Founded in 2015, The Harvard Group works to ensure their clients receive the best possible insurance services in KS, MO, TX and MI. Their team of professionals offer unparalleled customer support and expert advice. The company offers professional consultants for companies with free estimates. 


For media inquiries, news professionals are directed to contact The Harvard Group – Owner, Barry Parks at [email protected] or by phone at (316) 215-6360.


Barry Parks 

Principal Agent, Owner

1900 N Amidon, Ste 219
Wichita, KS. 67203

The Harvard Group – A Firefly Agency
(316) 215-6360

[email protected]


Media Contact

Parks and Associates LLC DBA The Harvard Group

[email protected]


1900 N Amidon Suite 219

Parks and Associates LLC DBA The Harvard Group
[email protected]
1900 N Amidon Suite 219



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