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World Digital Wellbeing Day – the biggest need of future life


World Digital Wellbeing Day

Dr Jawahar Surisetti professes digital minimalism

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- West Lafayette, Jun 9, 2020 ( – 8th June is being celebrated worldwide as the first World Digital Wellbeing Day said convenor of WDWD Dr Jawahar Surisetti, an eminent psychologist and futurist during the launch virtual event organised by international, not for profit Religion of Youth (ROY). He said that the date was chosen because it is the birthdate of the World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee. The aim of the movement is to promote digital minimalism, get rid of mobile addiction and improve happiness and relationships while maintaining a healthy tech-life balance.

According to Dr Jawahar Surisetti, digital wellbeing is a rising need even before but the pandemic and lockdown and the people staying home have increased the digital consumption of children, youth and families leading to increasing mobile addiction. This causes many psychosomatic health issues like depression and the excessive screen time causes eye defects, posture issues, lack of physical activity and loss of interest and concentration in studies.

WDWD  is required to create sustained awareness against excessive use of digital devices. In homes too, WhatsApp messages are shared even when are under the same roof and dining tables see mobiles more than the dishes. The attention is more on screens than on food. People have become more engaged digital platforms and satellite channels busy either on Digital TVs or laptops. So there is little quality time for the family to spend together. The WDWD movement not just spells out the need for a mobile curfew for 3 hours at least once a week, but also suggests ways and means to fruitfully engage those three hours with the loved ones. Apart from this the movement shows ways to deaddict and increases self as well as corporate productivity.

The offices or workplaces have lost 26% of efficiency due to mobile addiction and the ensuing distractions. The bell of a message has become so addictive that after a few minutes we cannot resist checking the smartphone.

Two youth also join the bandwagon, Jagrit bringing a solution to mobile addiction for all called “Apprison ” and Jayesh with “Happea” for happiness and peace, both being free apps that could be used for digital wellbeing.

In future, there is a need to address this issue that encompasses 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year. Digital Wellbeing is being touted as the next big thing and In future with clinics for this, doctors specialising in digital wellbeing and digital wellbeing retreats and tourism. WDWD is an effort to create an ecosystem that could sensitise and support the world at large. Religion of Youth is a not for profit that is an organisation which spearheads the World Digital Wellbeing Day movement convened by Dr Jawahar Surisetti. Previously to the organisation has done Career Yatra, Teen Talks, and other social outreaches in India and internationally.

WDWDDr Jawahar Surisetti

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B 28 , capital city phase 3, Saddu Baronda Road , near Bhavans school

Dr Jawahar Surisetti
B 28 , capital city phase 3, Saddu Baronda Road , near Bhavans school


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