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YNH FOREIGN releases an Infectious Music Video called ‘OFF WHITE’



The mega-star YNH FOREIGN creates new waves in hip hop music by making the new music video ‘OFF WHITE’ focusing on his rebellious style of promoting liberating art.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Jersey City, Jun 11, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – With the zeal of overcoming suppression, the young icon of the modern hip hop scene, YNH FOREIGN makes his music to be the sound of absolute liberalism in terms of aesthesis. He presents music to set the trapped souls free from anxiety and delusions that often push people in the dark chasm of nihilism. Hot on the heels of his last successful single, the singer did not take any time for coming up with an exciting new music video named OFF WHITE. It is a fascinating video produced by LIF3OFTHEPARTY on youtube. It is over spilled with vivid imageries that represent the shambolic state of mind he possesses as an inescapable effect of living in the scummy world. 

YNH FOREIGN has shown off his best rap skills and the unforgettable coquettish charms in the music video ‘OFF WHITE’ that has made him a global sensation and helping him to maintain a crazy fan club for over a year. He is looking so dapper in the red basketball jacket that the ladies will find it hard not to bat on him throughout the track goes on. The video is teamed up well with the type of rap he plays that explicitly focuses on some of the real-time events he faced. It has some strong words depicting the tough times that molded him in a new foil of life and the supergalactic confidence he was endowed with from his birth. The theme of the video with the legendary hip hop rapper with beautiful girls holding guns and spouting money out of these killing machines clearly indicates the power he thrives for. He cheers on the freedom he has earned in this biased society and gives a shoutout to all the fellow folks who are on the same journey of living up to the lives are gifted with.

He is an accomplished rapper who does not hesitate to put down harsh criticism or the panic attacks that took away the peace at several nights in his songs. Keeping the natural flow of emotions intact thoroughly in his music is one of the main features of this exuberant superstar. He never feels jaded in his spines when it comes to making music to add some more fun in the mundane lives of ordinary Americans. Feel the new change in hip hop music with the upcoming rapper who is about to drop several projects this year and follow him on youtube to be hooked.

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