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Gigstreem Introduces The First Artificially Intelligent WAN To Secure The Privacy Of Remote Workers


(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Jun 17, 2020 ( – For remote workers, privacy is a must and they should always protect the company’s information from getting hacked through VPN. But, with VPNs, the speed of media-related components, such as video conferencing tends to decreases, which can cause delays to the normal procedure of your company. To address this issue, GiGstreem has introduced the cutting-edge technology of an Artificially Intelligent Wide Area Network (AI-WAN), which provides a seamless transition from the location of the remote workers by making fast adjustments on internet traffic conditions. The autonomous VPN fully relies on such a wide area network, which speeds up the connectivity by anticipating network blockage and then rerouting its path to the ultimate destination.

With its AI-WAN, GiGstreem has already encompassed 68 international data centers, and the number is only increasing with each passing day. The company uses as many as twenty thousand international nodes for collecting and analyzing internet data. This analysis addresses internet congestion, packet loss, and latency by considering previous as well as real-time information. To provide the users with optimal network experience, the AI-WAN consistently collects data and works on the betterment of its performance. By availing of this service, you can be well-assured of a faster and more secure transition of data. Due to its Five-Factor security posture, AI-WAN are able to provide the highest encryption, which can help you in maintaining your company’s security level. 

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It is the first Artificially Intelligent Wide Area Network introduced by GiGstreem, the hardware of which consists of a zero-touch device that works as a firewall wireless access point, switch, and a router. This device works as the foundation of enabling an autonomous VPN and is used with the home network of your company’s remote worker. By availing of this service, you can easily reduce the overall cost by purchasing or leasing dedicated equipment from the services providers. And, as you go model, the cost goes down significantly. This is the ultimate solution for you and your company to establish a strong and secure connection with the remote workers. Visit the official website for more information.

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