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Maddox L shares his vibrant positivity through his newest soundtrack ‘Just Another Day – My Coronavirus Song’


Maddox L

Young pop star Maddox L exhibits his inimitable storytelling attributes through his rhythmically opulent masterpiece ‘Just Another Day – My Coronavirus Song’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- California City, Jun 24, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Music being the most revolutionary invention of human civilization creates an unbreakable bond among each other defying cultures, ethnicities, and ages. Determined to introduce his mastery over diverse genres like pop and rock music, young artist Maddox L presents his unique fusion of groovy harmonic flow and breathtakingly alluring instrumentation with a hint of delightful nostalgia of folk. Well versed in diverse instrumentation like guitar, drums, and keyboard, the gifted artist has successfully established his very own band Rooted Band. Blessed with a boisterous vocal dexterity, the lead vocalist of his band brings out the true essence of his compositions developing a vast fan following across the globe.

Frustrated with home isolation and the on-going pandemic, the promising artist has come up with his incredible brainchild Just Another Day – My Coronavirus Song‘ setting the bar high for his contemporaries. The song conveys the genuine concerns and feelings of the artist on the situation with a greater message of recovery and healing overcoming the obstacles and suffering of this hardship through a beautiful and eloquent lyrical illustration. The picturesque narrative enhanced through the clever employment of powerful symbolism portrays his remarkable ability at songwriting. The soulful thematic cadence generated through thoughtful arrangement of syncopated chords creates an ambiance of captivating and therapeutic acoustic pleasure breathing life to the empowering libretto of the song.

Venturing through diverse sonic elements from various genres, the California-based gifted artist hopes to find his own sound expressing his unique flamboyant artistry. Through his newest single ‘Just Another Day – My Coronavirus Song’, the brave musician Maddox L tackles the serious issue like the global pandemic effortlessly casting a resonating spell over the audience. The clever and refreshing lyrics amplified through his charismatic singing uplifts the spirit exuding a sense of hope and comfort. The idyllic guitar riffs intertwined with his melodic singing form a symphony of alluring resonating cadent earning him recognition in the global music industry. Working under the production house Crimson Forest, he has been working vigorously to perfect his craft portraying his fiery passion and genuine love for the art. Follow him on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for more appealing melodies.


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