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NAPPY FLOCK’s New Music Video ‘RAISE HELL/RAGE’ Premiers on YouTube Capturing His Sinister Rap Styles



After a series of eventful months, the upcoming rapper NAPPY FLOCK delivers a staggering story full of wicked rap verses in the new music video ‘RAISE HELL/RAGE’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hephzibah, Jun 30, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The new hiphop artist NAPPY FLOCK doesn’t stop rolling a good time when it comes to creating music. If music is his life then he makes songs like they are the lifesaving exercises. The official music video of ‘RAISE HELL/RAGE’ is released on Youtube on June 27, 2020. It is the second music video coming from the rap artist. His fans know him for making introspective compositions about the small imaginary solutions underneath the opaque reality. He sets out on a mission to bury other rappers who have eyed the throne of hiphop and leaves a clear message about his motivation in the new music video. 

NAPPY FLOCK is a charming rapper who follows the trend more than anything. As the whole urban hip hop culture is in a swing, he sees an unrealistic opportunity to beguile the audience with the special feature of his rap flow which seemed to work brilliantly as per the increasing views of the music video RAISE HELL/RAGE‘ suggests. He pounces on the scope to flaunt the eccentric and elevated style of rapping to introduce his inner demon and becomes one of the rarest talents of the current hiphop scene. From head to toe, he dazzles like a nymph and takes us to tour his world with a weird collection of words. He has been featured in the music video like a hysteria that certainly will chill the bones of the viewers. His bizarre and cracked vocal is meant to be the final puzzle of the video that makes it coming from the future. 

His music always bends to wispy beats and singular lyrical imagination that create a ponderous impact on the young and troubled mind. He is a wonder of higher love and ultimate solace that can stop the conquest of power. Very few artists are as versatile as him who can carve a euphonious beat up from any given gadget to play music. He chooses this form of music, precisely to rap because he wants the world to hear him out. Hiphop is the most well-known genre, and nothing could go viral like a hiphop track. He has created a world that is only made of his fans, music, and memories that raise agony. ‘Animal’ is another hot music video by the artist that has crossed a thousand views in a single week. Find out more inspiring facts about the new artist on YouTube and Instagram

                                                  Watch NAPPY FLOCK‘s elevated style of rapping on YouTube:



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