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DezzyBee release the quarantine music video ‘No Fakin’ with the music to die for


No Fakin

The up-and-coming hip hop artist DezzyBee has used the quarantine period to make a marvelous music video ‘No Fakin’ to wipe off the concealer of false admiration.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- St. Louis, Jul 1, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The young rapper DezzyBee took his time to understand the knots of lies and false promises and decided to make a riling rap track to vent out the worthlessness he planted in his body. On May 8, 2020, he released the official music video of ‘No Fakin’ on YouTube that got a thousand hits in a day. When everyone is locked at their houses and finally can see the red flags that they have ignored before, he makes it obvious to deal with those shadows face to face with the new video. He looks stunning in those long and satanic dreadlocks that dangle over his chisel face and golden teeth. He imparts the strong vibe that tells you to stay away from fooling him or else he can bite you with his heavy flow of wicked rap. 

DezzyBee was always a music enthusiast since his childhood. Though the neighborhood he was raised in, did not become much helpful when it comes to music. But even as a kid, he was strong enough not to get carried away by the social stigmas and others’ opinions. People have judged him when he decided to take music as the last word of his career but instead of pushing them away, he made those sharp remarks his power to shine and thrive on a dream that a 12-year-old boy used to see after dancing on the beats of his favorite hip hop icons. With little struggle and prolific confidence, he started to rollick his fans with new and uncanny compositions that were larger than any words or harmonies. His songs and video have separate meanings that help you to see the rainbow after the hurricane in life.

No Fakin‘ hints at the bitter reality that he draws with plain words and flat notes with the extra raw style of articulation. The video clearly shows his rage for a bunch of fibbers who used to play with his emotions and time for the sake of glamor and power he owns. Through the holy halo, he understands the manipulative intentions of the close and familiar faces. He does not dare to trust anyone and makes the video to show the world how steady his nerves are. He finds new ways to tell the stories that the fans have heard already but still has some charmer that beguiles the listeners to feel the same enigma. Sometimes he brags about parties, and then he makes dissing rap songs about how they kill him. Get more dramatic music from him on his Facebook profile.

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