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Lose Yourself in the Sensual Pleasure Presented Through the Mesmerizing Song ‘Milky’ by Songwriter SKNYWRITES



The enticing union of exotic rhythmic cadence and sensual chorus in multi-talented artist SKNY’s finest creation ‘Milky’ sets the bar high among her contemporaries.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Michigan City, Jul 1, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – With the freedom to draw upon endless thematic styles, musicians from all over the globe are drawn towards the versatility of hip hop music expressing their individuality. Melding different sonic elements from various genres like R&B and Pop, the experimental artist SKNYWRITES has established her powerful thematic presence in the global hip hop industry crafting his own unique resonating pattern. Her newest single Milky‘ oozes of a sequence of groovy and exotic rhythmic cadence wrapped around the captivating instrumental glory with a hint of nostalgia.

Being well versed in the field of lyrical wordplay, the talented musician offers the audience a taste of her remarkable literary charisma through her lyrically refreshing soundtrack ‘Milky’. The song epitomizes the artist’s deepest feelings and emotions through verbal imagery of an amorous encounter with a beautiful woman in a risque atmosphere employing sensual and eloquent lyrical illustration revealing her incredible artistry. Blessed with a captivating vocal prowess the musical goddess ignites a fire into his performance engulfing the mind of the listeners.

Born in Mississippi, SKNYWRITES, mostly known as SKNY now resides in Georgia is on a mission acquiring significant musical insights perfecting her craft along the way. Working under the production house Broke Fun she wishes to achieve her dream of becoming a successful musician as well as a songwriter omitting the gap between genres to achieve absolute versatility. Witness her breathtaking performance in her other tracks like ‘Lethal’, ‘Ready’, ‘Boom Boom Boogie’, and ‘A Rap Snack’, and follow her on Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter for updates on her EP TURN dropping in July.

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