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Company Develops Portable UV Sanitizers with Wireless Charging Capabilities for Personal Hygiene



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Detroit, Jul 4, 2020 ( – Company Develops Portable UV Sanitizers with Wireless Charging Capabilities for Personal Hygiene

Curao Health, an innovative company that develops consumer product brands and launches them in detail has introduced new unique sterilization products intended to help people keep safe during this global pandemic. The UV sanitizing wand and the Portable UV Box Sanitizer utilize ultraviolet light to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in harmful substances.

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The first product, the UV Light Travel Wand with a light wavelength of 240-280 nm has been certified by EPA, FDA, FCC, CE, RoSH and cleans up to 99.9% of the harmful substances around you. With a compact and lightweight design, it is super convenient to store in your travel backpack or suitcase. To save power and improve safety, the travel wand has a Smart Auto Timing off in 180 seconds and an extra thoughtful Child lock to avoid kids’ misuse. 

On the other hand, the Portable UV Box Sanitizer has been equipped with Dual-UV light that kills 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli in 18 minutes and kills 99.9% Candida albicans in 30 minutes. The device provides a unique way of disinfecting your daily gadgets such as the phone, jewelry, watch and glasses in an easy way.

Speaking about the new launch, the CEO of the company announced that the company is committed to driving product innovation amid this global crisis.

“Our product development is always guided by innovation. We have launched these new products to offer people a unique way of keeping safe during this crisis. Personal hygiene remains to be the most important thing now. Our UV Light Travel Wand and Portable UV Box Sanitizer have utilized modern technology to ensure that people are able to not only sanitize themselves but also the devices that they carry.”

The UV lightbox sanitizer can be used as a wireless charger for any iOS/Android QI-enabled devices. It supports iPhone 8 or higher model, Samsung S7 or higher model and other Qi-enabled phones. To use it to charge your phone, simply place your smartphone on the top or inside the box as you go about your activities.

The launch of the products will go a long way in helping the fight against the novel coronavirus. Recent research has shown that shining a specific type of ultraviolet light can kill microbes. UV-C light has also been shown to kill SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

To order the products, you can visit their store.

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Curao Health is a consumer product company specializing in Healthcare products with experience in product development, manufacturing, retail sales, marketing and distribution. We are a vendor of national retailers and have a strong online presence. Our brand family includes Curao, Spark and Airial.

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