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Eminent Artist Nay Luma is Ready to Knock You Off Your Feet With her Outstanding EDM Pop Track ‘I’m Not Sober’


Nay Luma

Employing her genuine passion for the art, Miami pop singer Nay Luma is changing the melodic approach of the pop genre with her EDM infused track ‘I’m Not Sober’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Miami, Jul 3, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The modern form of pop music has evolved substantially imbibing diverse rhythmic flavors from various genres bringing revolutionary changes. Budding pop star Nay Luma presents her unique blend of pop and EDM challenging the conventional norms creating an unparalleled soundscape opulent with divine tonalities. Her latest music video I’m Not Sober‘ set as balance between the delightful melodies of pop and the diverse instrumental and techno elements from EDM establishing a symphony of absolute perfection. The track kicks off with reverberated EDM beats continuing with a build-up of sound and texture that matches up with the vibrant energy of her melodic yet exuberant singing. The syncopated rhythmic patterns orchestrated through clever chord arrangements amplify with prominent sub-bass frequencies.

Working as a model in digital and print media, the gifted star found her way back to music finding her individual voice exploring through diverse instrumental and acoustic sonic elements from pop and EDM. Garnering influences from various renowned musicians of our generation and everything all around her, the brave musician is destined to craft an inspirational musical form that will be the mouthpiece of the generation uplifting the spirit of the epoch. Armed with her remarkable diction, the Miami pop singer Nay Luma conveys her thoughts and feelings through her well crafted lyrical compositions optimizing the quality of the tracks with some distinct symbolism. The lyrical illustration of her creations establishes her powerful presence in terms of literary creativity in the industry.

Exploring the industry in Detroit, the bold musician wishes to impart her vibrant optimism to the world through her empowering soundscape exuding a hint of nostalgia. The techno beats and the melodic synths merge impeccably with the captivating pop tunes in her newest MV ‘I’m Not Sober’ charged up by her charming vocal prowess. Her flawless and energetic singing breathes life into the alluring verbal imagery gliding smoothly with the groovy beats of the track. The dreamy and sensual ocular elements featuring the artist herself synchronized flawlessly with the resonating cadence brings the song to its dynamic height. Follow her wondrous musical journey on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and find out about her future updates.


Nay Luma

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