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‘I Want to Fly’ By Preeminent Musician Fabio Baroncelli Is the Perfect Example of a Versatile Resonating Saga


Fabio Baroncelli

Gifted musician Fabio Baroncelli offers an out-worldly experience through his instrumentally opulent and lyrically rejuvenating work of art MV ‘I want to fly’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Amsterdam, Jul 3, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The genre of pop has experience groundbreaking changes in its rhythmic pattern welcoming distinct thematic components from various genres establishing the versatile musical form that we see and love today. Determined to bring a revolution in the genre, eminent musician Fabio Baroncelli has dished out his finest number I want to fly‘ accumulating remarkable resonating cadence through the blissful union between stylized chord arrangements and a steady melodic flow that sets a perfect bed for the mesmerizing vocal performance of the featuring artist. The song displays an inimitable blend of diverse instruments like guitar, piano, and drum in all their glory, creating a symphony of charming acoustic pleasure. The mesmerizing singing intertwined with the potent melody charms the audience, leaving an enticing aroma lingering in their hearts.

A software engineer by profession, the multi-instrumentalist excels in playing guitar, piano, violin, and saxophone. He imbibes the tonal magnificence of the idyllic instrumentation and mixes them with his therapeutic soundscape thoughtfully. Garnering inspiration from his numerous travel accounts, the bold musician utilizes his surreal experiences to craft his breathtakingly ethereal composition featuring out-worldly serene harmonic essence. Experimenting with diverse instrumental and acoustic tonalities from different genres, he has presented his unique fusion of dance, techno, and trap successfully establishing his incredibly versatile soundscape. His exuberant passion incorporated with his fiery energy induced in each of his performance offers the audience an experience of ecstatic thematic reverie presenting his remarkable artistry.

Hailing from the Netherlands, the naturally gifted musician imparts his vibrant optimism through his music video ‘I want to fly’. The abstract yet lucid ocular presentation glides perfectly with the captivating ambiance generated through the blissful singing and melodic progression exuding a sense of escapism. The alluring visuals of nature interlacing with the human representation form an unparalleled unison amplifying the impact of the lyrical illustration. The eloquence of the charismatic verbal imagery imparts its true essence through the clever employment of glorious symbolism. Working under his production house FabLab, Fabio Baroncelli has produced many masterful creations like ‘Desert Rose’, ‘Flowers’, ‘The Shaman’s dream’, and ‘Hope’. To listen to vast collection visit his website and follow him on YouTube.

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