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Janalynn Castelino teases her new Music Video


Janalynn Castelino  Teases new MV

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Mumbai, Jul 10, 2020 ( – Versatile singer ‘Janalynn Castelino’ is back to the music scene. The young trending artist teased a new look from her next music video on her social media handles after having recently released an MV amidst the pandemic. The picture that was captioned ‘EMBRACE YOURSELF’ in capital letters got her fans enthralling once again. Earlier this year, Janalynn Castelino made it to trending at Rank #2 on the YouTube Music Top 100 Charts with her Music Video ‘Fire On Fire (Recreated)’. The song gained humongous popularity all over Lebanon and countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Turkey, Oman, Yemen, Qatar including Sharjah and Dubai to a massive extent. It was released over Janalynn Castelino’s YouTube Channel and is a recreation of Sam Smith’s – Fire On Fire. The audio of which is available on all major platforms worldwide with over several thousands of downloads in stores and streams till date. Her bold and velvety vocals have caught the attention of many music icons around the globe. That’s exactly why she’s been engrossed in a couple of international projects and has been shooting and recording for the same.

Fire On Fire (Recreated) – Janalynn Castelino

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Audio Link – Fire On Fire (Recreated) | Janalynn Castelino

After having surged to popularity with her song Binte Dil (Love Ballad Version) that’s been viewed over 17.7 Million (1.77 Crore) times on YouTube and still climbing, Janalynn’s unique singing style and mesmerising vocals gained attention throughout the Western World. Even today after a year, it’s trending again at No.#3 in Dubai and No.#4 in Doha. Having featured at No.#2 on the YouTube Charts, she has justified her calibre time and again in several ways. 

Binte Dil (Love Ballad Version) – Janalynn Castelino

She has made a real impact on artists and fans looking upto her as an inspiration who has not only made a successful international music career but is also backed up with strong academics and is pursuing her medical degree in addition.

Official Website – Janalynn Castelino

Janalynn Castelino’s Instagram Handle

Congratulations Janalynn! We just can’t wait for your new musical surprise.

Janalynn CastelinoJanalynn Castelino  Still from Fire on Fire MVJanalynn Castelino  Source Instagram janalynncasJanalynn Castelino

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