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Defamation on Veonco Group Ltd


Veonco Group Ltd will be taking legal action against defamations on it’s brand name

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, Jul 13, 2020 ( – Recently there are rumours and fake articles defaming Veonco Group Ltd by some third party individual/ company defaming VEONCO GROUP LTD. These individual / company defaming VEONCO on social media platform, and WIKIFX/ FXEYE platform had posted false accusations and defamation upon Veonco Group Ltd for non-accuracies facts. Veonco would like to clarify every user had agreed to Terms & Conditions and AML Policy upon account registration with Veonco. However, there are some user has breached the agreement and unable to fulfil the requirement on our trading platform and began to defame the brand’s name.

Veonco Group Ltd would like to assure that:

  • All user upon signing up account with Veonco required to agree to all T&C and understands the AML policy.

Link to official website: Veonco

WIKIFX/ FXEYE is a third-party media company based in China and it is purely a biased online marketing company and pretending as neutral for reviewing brokerage. WIKIFX/ FXEYE is not an official regulator to measure a company’s operation. All statements released in its platform (WIKIFX/ FXEYE) are without proven statistic and also have a low transparency on data recommendation and complaints. WIKIFX/ FXEYE does not has any authority to access to a financial company such as brokerage to access a company private data and publish to the public. Therefore, information that are published by WIKIFX/ FXEYE are not trusted and not accurate.

Furthermore, WIKIFX/ FXEYE is writing false and misleading articles about many different parties, in order to blackmail these parties afterward by their usual tactics. This company slandering the reputation of any company who does not succumb and pay them “VIP Fee”.

WIKIFX/ FXEYE also pursed over company such as VEONCO GROUP LTD for joining them with an exorbitant monthly/annually fee to upgrade as a VIP Broker in order to ensure a good ratings and high recommendation or else condemnation towards the company by giving low ratings and false accusation statements towards the brokerage company.

As such, these practise in this industry which Veonco do not encourage and will not succumb and tolerate.

Here is an official article of how WIKIFX / FXEYE practise their blackmailing service:


Kindly communicate for any information regarding fraud activities or any clarification please contact us at: [email protected]

Veonco Group Ltd will reserve the rights to take appropriate legal actions against defamation.

Media Contact

Veonco Group Ltd

[email protected]

Source :Veonco Group Ltd

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