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‘Living the Dream’ By Hope and Justin Breaks Free of Socio-Cultural Barriers Imparting the Message of Unity


Hope and Justin

Hope and Justin present the power of harmony through their lyrically inspiring music video ‘Living the Dream’ showcasing their inimitable songwriting skills.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- California City, Jul 13, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Music holds an unbound power over the human psyche with its potent storytelling attributes that have brought thematic revolutions from time to time changing history. Eminent musical duo Hope and Justin decided to utilize their musical means to highlight the perils of long going racism, not just in the USA but all over the world through their highly creative MV Living the Dream. The song brings the systematic oppression of the people of color in the spotlight conveying the message of unity. The eloquent verbal imagery incorporated with the music video’s inspiring visuals, they depict the history of remarkable events like the Civil Rights Movement escalating steadily to the current time expressing how far everyone has come by joining forces.

The recent events of social injustice have motivated them to craft a musical piece that conveyed their individual feelings and interpretation of the world around us that would help to empower the audience by reminiscing about the positive outcomes of social harmony. Recording with Music Freqs, and video by Lake Road Media, the ocular grandeur of the track brings out the true essence of the lyrical masterpiece featuring uplifting bits from history. Inspired by ’60s folk artist the husband and wife team has emphasized the lyrical magnificence as well as the rhythmic opulence incorporated with their impeccable singing with a dash of grace and confidence. Leaving a tantalizing aroma lingering through the air, the song is destined to resonate with many with its relatable and innovative approach.

Hailing from California, Hope and Justin are determined to impart their vibrant optimism over the current crisis through the picturesque illustration of their finest creation ‘Living the Dream’ speaking of the great unity of the entire human civilization. The potent melody merges with the heart-rending wordplay in a perfect harmony encouraging people to move forward defying all odds. Blessed with their exuberant melodic vocal and their raw passion, the song reaches its dynamic height garnering vast recognition. Working independently, they have written and performed in their other masterpieces like ‘Reaper Man’, ‘Wait on You’, ‘Lay You Down’, and ‘Blue Pony’ showcasing their incredible artistry. Follow them on YouTube and Facebook for more updates.

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