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Nation’s Largest Dermatologic Clinically Integrated Network Announces Initiatives – Elects Officers


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Cary, Jul 14, 2020 ( – The North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaboration announced today initiatives and the election of officers of the Nation’s largest independent dermatology clinically integrated network (CIN). This collaborative network is designed to deliver high-quality, cost-effective healthcare and enhance the health of residents in the community through developing best practices aimed at reducing the overall cost of care, managing access to urgent dermatologic conditions and illnesses, seamless transitions by closing the referral loop of care between primary care and dermatology practices and development of clinical protocols to reduce variation in dermatologist practice patterns.

Over the past year and a half, The North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaboration has hosted design and development work with independent dermatologist physicians in the community to help determine aspects of the CIN that would benefit the Triangle Area community. A broad cross-section of dermatologic specialists’ leaders spent more than 500 hours in organizational planning, development, strategic planning, and selection of membership to represent the most comprehensive dermatologic solution in the market for value-based relationships.

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The CIN is completely a physician-led organization in collaboration with independent dermatology practices that have robust network adequacy with leadership from the various subspecialties of dermatology’s independent physicians. The CIN will utilize a triage driven care approach to sharing best practices and cost savings across the network that will allow members to enhance prioritization in care, lower total healthcare costs and improve the health and access of patients and communities served by the network. The benefit to patients will be the ability to receive coordinated care from a network of expert dermatologist providers who are committed to innovative high value specialist care that leads to improved access, lower costs, and coordinated care with their primary care physicians.

Recently the 24 dermatologist providers elected their president, vice-president and secretary from their membership. “This collaboration will help independent dermatologist healthcare providers across the Triangle to provide the best possible care to individual patients as well as broad populations,” said Dr. Robert Clark, M.D., PhD, president. “This region is home to some of the nation’s best dermatologic health care providers and combining that experience with the breadth and depth of our collective resources and high value initiatives , we will enable the participating groups in the CIN to efficiently gather, share and utilize clinical protocols, new access models, and strategic partnerships to identify and adopt patient-focused, triage enhanced practices that will introduce a new way to see and access dermatology differently.”

The CIN will have several patient populations and initiatives as part of its focus areas. Some of those initiatives will include having been selected by a major payer for the 2021 plan year as the dermatologic solution for the Triangle region. Additionally, the NCIDC is in substantive discussions with some of the largest value-based organizations in the state.

About The North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaboration
Independent dermatology physician groups in the Triangle Area of North Carolina formed the N.C. Independent Dermatology Collaboration, a health network working together, using proven referral coordination solution technology, using technology for improved patient access and outcomes while reducing unnecessary spending, protocols and clinical integration measures to improve patient care, decrease cost and demonstrate value while providing higher quality care with the same independent hometown doctors patients have come to know and trust.

The North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaboration (, the nation’s only CIN devoted to a dermatologic solution for value based organizations, provides a full spectrum of dermatologic healthcare throughout Triangle area of North Carolina. Dermatologists account for one percent of physicians in the United States. Yet a shortage of dermatologists, rising rates of skin cancer, a highly fragmented industry, favorable demographic trends with high demand and very limited access to dermatologists all ignited an avalanche of efforts to consolidate dermatology. The North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaboration is the largest clinically integrated independent dermatology organization in North Carolina for the very purpose of being capable of value network participation. Independent dermatologists , known and trusted in this community, have developed a collaboration to meet the total dermatologic needs of rapidly developing value-based organizations.The founding members of the Collaborative in addition to its large general dermatology care base, offers a broad range of dermatology specialties, from Dermatopathology to Pediatric Dermatology and Dermatologic surgery including Mohs surgery to Cosmetic Dermatology and much more.

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