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CalebO: “Honey! Birthday is for the Babies”



CalebO family celebrates Linna’s Birthday

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Oklahoma City, Jul 14, 2020 ( – CalebO’s family celebrates Linna’s birthday but the day all started on a wrong turn. It’s crazy how a very good day would start off looking bizarre, like wildflower they say, it turns gray during winter but blossom during summer. Linna’s Birthday Bash is about to take a turn for good or for the worst. We about to find out. We received reports from our source that: CalebO walks out on his wife saying “Honey! Birthday is for the babies?” These words alone would stir up an uproar between them. A storm has just been unleashed on this beautiful morning. 

Linna has already invited friends, family members and relatives to her Birthday Bash, got everything set and ready from foods, drinks, music and photoshoot sessions for the invitees. She has no cause to expect CalebO coming off the wrong way on her birthday morning. This couple has been known for their unbreakable attachment to each other, in so much that you will hardly see one without the other. 

This multicultural family, so diverse in many ways that you could literally see their differences by a glance yet harmoniously living the beautiful life. A true picture of a typical American family in today’s world. Where race, ethnicity and culture blend us together, unity becomes a common experience. The recent commotion about racism filtering thru our society has shown us that more family-like CalebO’s Family is the answer to solve the great divide in our society. 

The feeling of rage and greed has taken its tolls on our society but Linna will not let that filter into her family. She raises hell on heels to make her day a very special day. Our Source reports Linna “I’m not falling for that trick this morning, it’s my birthday and it’s going to be a very special day for me. I don’t care if you want to attend or not, it’s my birthday and you know I’ve been preparing for this day for so long”. She has her goals straightened out for this day and nothing is going to stop her. 

We were thinking that the devil must be on a case for this birthday, perhaps her day was about to be ruined. However, we got a surprise from CalebO. He comes back from a short drive with a pack of gifts and a fat envelope for her, smiling “Oh! baby, I wasn’t going to miss you day up”. 

We think CalebO is a master player. What do you think? He has been playing so hard with words that she can hardly tell when gets a surprise or something else. 

Family and friends attended, lots of food, music and love filled the air.

Happy Birthday Linna and more beautiful years ahead for you. 


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