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Isoko Bushman Teams Up with Isaac Meek to Show Love for their Motherland in the Video ‘HELLO AFRICA’


Isoko Bushman

The upcoming African artists Isoko Bushman and Isaac Meek make an impressive music video called ‘HELLO AFRICA’ to show the richness and goodness of African people.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- California City, Jul 17, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The profound singer and songwriter Isoko Bushman this time chooses to make music in the name of the memories of his birthplace and close neighborhood he was raised in. The California based African artist has collaborated with Isaac Meek to make a heart-whelming music video called HELLO AFRICA. It was premiered on YouTube on February 2, 2020, under the production house called IBM. It has been receiving heavy YouTube streaming since the last couple of months that has increased the number of followers who believe in the same social cause that triggered the two one-of-a-kind rappers to make such a nice music video dedicating love across the nations. He will donate some amount from the sale of the track and streaming of the video online to help the poor kids of West Africa in many innovative ways.

Isoko Bushman was born in one of the slums in Lagos and spent a long period of his life stuck in the poverty-stricken local area to find a way to follow his big dreams. Eventually, he moved to the USA and strived to have a booming career creatively, as an Afro musician in a foreign land to expose the beauty of the simplicity of the African lifestyle under a broad spectrum. With his number of his on youtube, it is easy to say that he has been having a commendable time while making some refreshing music as a blend of Afro-beats and western hip hop. The journey of moving from Nigeria to the heart of the world’s music, California hasn’t changed his perception about traditional music that forged him with passion and insight. He has become a part of Lagos Roots Afrobeat Ensemble in California to carry on with his inspiration.

‘HELLO AFRICA’ is the latest music video that features Isaac Meek who has a bombastic rap verse in the video that describes the grace of the neglected land. Both the artists have developed a strong connection with their roots while making this project that took them back to the crowded market place and unimproved glens. Most of the video is shot in a room or rather an inventory of African artifacts and the famous artist has worn the traditional dashiki to show the colors and traditions of the wonderful land. It is a shoutout to all the gorgeous African ladies and strong mothers who always embrace everyone with a wide heart. ‘Favour me’ is another music video featuring Flektaman that garnered Bushman extreme popularity from his steady fan base. Get all the latest updates about his upcoming projects on Instagram, and Twitter.


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