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Vaibhav Palhade’s Novel “Saajna Re” is Gonna Publish At The End Of July 2020″


Saajnaa re Book Cover

Film Editor Vaibhav Palhade’s Novel
“Saajna Re” Is Publishing At End Of July 2020

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Akola, Jul 17, 2020 ( – Love is the power which can make everything possible in its own way. Love is the feeling neither be created nor be destroyed and especially when your loved one is away from you. But what if this same power becomes a weakness? It takes a millisecond to fall in love and life to forget! Based on this here the new story coming up by our Indian Director, Editor and Writer Vaibhav Palhade and this time neither short film nor movie, but surprisingly lockdown made him write a beautiful novel. Till now we have seen him directing thriller, suspense Short Films, and now an amazing journey of love through his novel. The lockdown period made slight or major changes in all of us. And Vaibhav uses the lockdown period to write the novel.  This novel will be a feast for everyone who loves to read. The Novel named ‘Saajana Re’ – A Life Long Journey of Finding her and going to publish till the end of July. It is going to publish in the Marathi Language in Digital Versions.

The tagline ‘A Life Long Journey to Find Her’ itself says the most about the novel. We can get a slight idea from the cover page and tagline. This is going to be a very emotional story of a guy finding his love, who is no more in his life. The tagline made us think that will he find her or not? What has happened that she went away from him? Still, there is a lot in it which we can’t predict and get to know about it only when we will read it. Also as we all know Vaibhav Palhade for his amazing thriller stories and now this novel will change his identity somehow. He always comes up with something creative in his short films. We are going to experience something mind-blowing by our Indian Young & talented film editor and director. He is working in the industry since he was 14yrs old. By continuously working on different projects. He wrote this novel in this lockdown period. He passed a cover on the Instagram platform on 17th July and made everyone curious about it. Now his fans are eagerly waiting for the novel. His fans are always very supportive to him and no doubt this novel will reach the peak. This Is How Vaibhav Palhade Utilizes His Lockdown Time To Write Such Lovestory. Vaibhav Palhade Belongs From Middle-Class Family Which Don’t Have Any Kind Family Roots With Film Industry & Writing. He Started His Carrier As Screenplay Writer, He Wrote Many Thriller Short Films. He Is Also A Good Blogger In the Marathi Language. He Always Keeps Doing Experiments Hope His This Experiment Will Be Successful.

Vaibhav Palhade ImageAuthor Vaibhav Palhade

Source :Indian Press Diary

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