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16 Year old rockstar singer, lyricist Sakshi Bhardwaj empowers young girls with her poetry


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Singer lyricist Sakshi Bhardwaj takes a feminist move

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New Delhi, Jul 20, 2020 ( – In a record-breaking national live music performance last night. Singer and lyricist Sakshi Bhardwaj were seen taking a different move towards women empowerment during her live performance. 

In a series of gradual lockdowns where people are living quarantine life. The major impact can be seen in the lives of girls and women. Incidents like forced marriages, domestic violence, women torture are on its boom.

Sakshi Bhardwaj came forward with an initiative to empower the women and recharge their spirits to stand against the odds. This is fascinating to see a 16-year-old young singer, origins in Aurangabad Bihar, taking such an initiative where other celebrities in Bollywood are crying of personal life problems. 

The poem she presented is indeed empowering and was titled “Mujhe Bandishe Saari Todne do” in Hindi that means “Let me break all the chains.” 

Referring to her performance, moments that youth cheered on were:

“Let me break the rest.”

“Let me open my wings. Make the sky of my own, Let me break the restrictions. My dreams are very big, The place is small, where should I keep it. I want that sky, Where dreams should spread. Nobody can stop me, no one can stop me; I am that fire Which now the whole world will hear, I am that voice. I’m that caretaker, I am that voice

Below is the exact extract of her poetry literature in Hindi.

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– (Sakshi Bhardwaj)


“Mujhe bandishen saaree todane do”.

Jee karata hai pankh phailaoon, pankh mere khulane do.

Aasamaan ko apana banaoon, mujhe bandishen saaree todane do.

Sapne hain mere bade bade, jagah chhotee hai, kahaan rakhoon.

Mujhe to vo aasamaan chaahie, jahaan sapane apane bikher doon.

Koee mujhe rok nahin sakata, koee mujhe tok nahin sakata; main vo aagaaz hoon .

Jise ab saaree duniya sunegee, main vo aavaaz hoon.

Main vo paravaaz hoon, main vo aavaaz hoon.

– Written by Sakshi Bhardwaj

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