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GV Takes on a More Meaningful Theme in ‘TUNNELZ’ to Dictate His Authority on the Hip-Hop Scene



Tampa Hiphop artist GV proves his brilliance and command on the hip-hop genre by rapping on important societal issues in ‘TUNNELZ’ that certifies his out of the box creativity.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Tampa, Jul 22, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Once again hip-hop has found its true unmistakable voice with artist GV leading the scene with his message centric engaging tracks. Laced with impactful words, catchy betas, and unstoppable energy, the rapper is dominating all charts with his fluent performance. After a decade, the genre is blessed to encounter a talent who believes in speaking his mind rightfully and curates songs that project his imagination. Having contributed heavily to the industry so far, the artist continues to ride with the same momentum and uses the most advanced sounds and instrumental projects to discover his creativity. His voice is unparalleled and dictates the words with authority. Tampa Hiphop artist‘s clear love for the process brightly shines through all his artwork and quickly resonates with the audience for its authenticity.

Most recently, the rapper has released a music video that points out various serious issues about society. The song well proves that he is a person with an agenda and is here to create and deliver something more important than what is visible to the mere eyes. The song ‘TUNNELZ‘ testaments his true rap abilities as the artist utilizes his voice and music to become the voice of millions. Growing up in the hood has taught this versatile music maker about certain issues that prevails in there. The song is not merely words but dictates his life instances and experiences in the most relatable way. The rapper’s purpose is to make people realize the pain and misery that prevail everywhere. By channeling his smart and dynamic voice accompanied by meaningful words, the artist has produced the video that portraits his attractive features. He raps almost breathlessly and boldly until the end, using only strategic drum beats to emphasize the verses. The parallel flow of thoughtful scenes makes the songwriting even more impactful and hits hard with its quality.

 GV believes that every person has their way of interpretation and as an influential artist it is his job to talk on certain issues that have not been spoken about earlier. His distinctive approach and large scale potential effectively convince the audience that he is not any ordinary rapper trying to make a name. The artist is here to stay and his prolific performance in ‘TUNNELZ cements the fact. The music video speaks with authority and becomes addictive only after the first listen. Listen to it on both YouTube and Soundcloud, and follow the rapper on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for details on his upcoming project that is going to be released in the fall of 2020.

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