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GV has Pushed the Envelope with a Lot of Elegance in the Ripping Hiphop Music Video of the Track ‘LIL MIN’


Brooklyn rapper GV

GV has set the stage on fire with thumping beats from the very impressive rap music video ‘LIL MIN’. The sassy beats are a hallmark of the Brooklyn rapper.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Jul 23, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Crowds have poured in from all over to listen to the magical vibes dished out by the astounding rapper GV who is also popularly known as GOD’s Voice. He has charmed the audience with his latest rap song ‘LIL MIN’ that has an eclectic aura. He has ushered in a social change of sorts as the Brooklyn rapper has set his best foot forward on a mission. The prolific rapper is also the owner of an avant-garde production house called ‘Brotherzkeeperent‘ that has state of the art facilities. He is a poet of the highest caliber and reaches the audience and wants to bring in an eternalized change to the mission he is gunning for. The fans can catch up with the singer by logging on to his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handle.

The music video of the track LIL MIN‘ by the terrific rapper GV has been choreographed exquisitely. The heck of a pace in the track has a savvy fervor. The trap zips along and reaches the acme of excitement with breathtaking funk and swagger. The breathy vocals are brilliantly etched out with a lot of panache. He has known the world through various tough situations while growing up in the rocky streets of New York. He is a self-taught person who has learned things the hard way and conveys that experience as his vision. Social issues like the highest levels of crime and situations sans any hope form part of his music. His music video can be watched by logging on to major trending platforms like YouTube. 

The prodigious rapper has blended elements of fusion with a mumble in the rap making the track enrapturing. The whip-smart hook-line and the smart delivery grabs the eyeballs. Existential struggles to find a place in his lyrics that is written by him only. He started writing stories at the age of 8 and his biggest inspiration to date has been the legendary Bob Marley. He is coming up with the fall release of his new album. His previous album is titled ‘Calm Before the Storm’ got a 2018 release. His current track is rated by him as the best.


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