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Continuous Fight Against COVID-19: Health Campaign in Public Secondary Schools in Ivory Coast (West Africa)

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bronx, Aug 1, 2020 ( – Youth Enlightened African (YEA) Movement, a non-profit organization, initiated by young Africans solely dedicated to addressing African matters, has recently participated in the continuous fight against the coronavirus pandemic by launching a hand-washing campaign in public secondary schools in Côte d’Ivoire. The project is implemented as a response to the virus’ potential hazardous effect against the students in Ivory Coast (West Africa). Realizing that the African educational system will continue to function regardless of the dangers brought by the infectious virus’ existence, the YEA…

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Cruzer Urameshi, The next household Super Producer

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Eugene, Aug 1, 2020 ( – Every few years there’s always a producer that seems to splash on to the scene this producer has been creating on an underground level and has been on the horizon over the last few years. Cruzer Urameshi is an upcoming music producer that was born in Columbus, Georgia. Cruzer grew up around music and became really fond of producing at the age of 16. At the young age of 18, Cruzer went across the country to Oregon and has really set himself up for greatness…

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Ameramark, Staying Open to Serve Others. US manufacturer of face masks and promotional products

When California announced its initial lockdown back in March, Ameramark, a tents, banners, and inflatables supplier based in Santa Ana, quickly shifted production to help the shortage of face masks. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Santa Ana, Jul 31, 2020 ( – Much of our economy has been on pause these past few months. Stores have closed, restaurants have shuttered, and a veil of uncertainty has covered our country. However, one thing is for certain, many businesses have stepped up to the plate to help one another during these trying times. “We stay open so…

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