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Cruzer Urameshi

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Eugene, Aug 1, 2020 ( – Every few years there’s always a producer that seems to splash on to the scene this producer has been creating on an underground level and has been on the horizon over the last few years. Cruzer Urameshi is an upcoming music producer that was born in Columbus, Georgia. Cruzer grew up around music and became really fond of producing at the age of 16. At the young age of 18, Cruzer went across the country to Oregon and has really set himself up for greatness to come in the future. Since being out in the Pacific Northwest and Cruzer has been on a strong run. He became a heavy influence within the music culture among both artists and the producer community. He has had such an impact that a lot of people have begun to call him a “Super Producer” in the making. Already at 23 Years of age Cruzer already produced for dozens of artists as well as a few big named artists such as Shoreline Mafia, HotBoy Turk, Lil Davy, ChecktheStar, Oppo, & his group BLVCKTRIVD. Cruzer has a lot of projects already on all major platforms.

Two of Cruzer’s most recent projects are 1000 Days Later with his team BLVCKTRIVD that was the executive producer. The project has been a real success not only for him but as the music team of BLVCKTRIVD as well. The other project ” Synergy” which is an instrumental project which is different from what he’s known for and did his first-ever electronic release. Cruzer is also working on his next solo project called Cruzer 64. The reasoning behind the name is that Cruzer came into the music game making an impact that will be remembered years to come as the Nintendo 64 video game console is to the video game world also among pop culture today as one of the greatest video games that are still enjoyable to this day. Cruzer and his fans believe that his productions are timeless and will be enjoyable in 10 years as it is now comparable to the Nintendo 64 today. Cruzer knows his journey has been a great ride and he has learned a lot so far. Cruzer feels that this is only the beginning of it and there’s so much more success to come to him, his audience, team, and fans. To stay updated with Cruzer here is all the links to stay updated on the young producer.

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