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GIG international Establishes Emergency ventilator mass production in Response to COVID-19


GIG launches OXIVI an emergency ventilator device

The company announces the launch of emergency ventilator device, OXIVI, as Global demand continues to rise in a resurgence of Coronavirus

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Seoul, Aug 3, 2020 ( – GIG International, a leading South Korean medical device manufacturer that has advanced into seven countries around the world, announces that it has completed the mass production facility of the emergency ventilator auxiliary device named OXIVI, to be supplied to patients infected with the respiratory disease SARS-CoV-2 (hereinafter referred to as COVID-19). GIG announces the launch after completing trial experiments and filing patent applications for related technologies, with various export certification applications also completed.

OXIVI is an automatic artificial respiration device that supplies oxygen in a certain pattern according to the patient’s breathing to provide a stable oxygen supply without the patient requiring respiratory assistance. OXIVI has an MIT emergency ventilator design toolbox based on the standard resuscitator bag used by emergency rescuers, and the company explained that it is a product that maximizes space efficiency, mobility, durability and stability.

The frequency and breathing volume can be adjusted according to the user’s age and personal health, and the device is designed to transmit sufficient power even at low voltage. OXIVI simplifies the structure of ventilator products to increase durability while lowering the possibility of failure, and it is easy to prevent and eliminate standard vesicle detachment.

Ventilation aids are becoming increasingly important in the global resurgence of COVID-19, with second-waves sending shocks around Asia, while Western markets continue to deal with the shock of the initial outbreak, first surfacing in December 2019 and since infecting over 15m people and killing over 670,000 as of July 2020. Of those patients severely infected with the disease, 30% need to have their breathing assisted through ventilators, however, due to the high technical barrier, the supply of ventilators is insufficient and costly.

In the development of OXIVI, the developer of the World Invention Inventors Association (IFIA), the award-winning developer, the heart and lung specialists, and the Department of Thoracic Surgery and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s Disaster Response Safety Training Central Evaluation Center participated. At the time of development and testing, IXIVI won the Invention Gold Medal at the German Nuremberg Invention Exhibition (IENA) in 2018.

GIG International has signed contracts in over 10 countries, including USA, United Kingdom, Russia, and South America, to export OXIVI, and has promoted agreements with international aid agencies to support the less developed countries.

An official from GIG International said, “The innovative design structure that ensures sufficient power is delivered through low-voltage oxygen supply and speed control according to the inspiration and exhalation, which are the advantages of OXIVI. It has been developed with a focus on core functions, as there is no emergency ventilator, cooperation and consultation requests from around the world are continuing

Gideon Gono, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, promised active cooperation, saying, “We will join the will of saving lives and helping rescue the underdeveloped countries

GIG International CEO Kang Ki-bong said, “OXIVI has an excellent advantage in terms of price competitiveness and maintenance by focusing on the core functions of emergency ventilators. I think it will be a great help to patients in underdeveloped countries who have had difficult treatment opportunities. I hope it can help in reduce and defeat the spread of COVID-19 around the world and I hope it will help save more lives in places with poor medical infrastructures such as disasters and emergency medical services

For further information on the OXIVI emergency ventilator device, please see the Official OXIVI video

OXIVI is an automatic artificial respiration device that supplies oxygenOXIVI has an MIT emergency ventilator design toolbox to maximize space efficiency  mobility

Media Contact

GIG International

[email protected]

+82 2 6949 1303

2F, 458, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

GIG International
[email protected]
2F, 458, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu

+82 2 6949 1303

Source :GIG International Co Ltd

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