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New Global Covid 19 Dashboard and data visualization tool


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Power to create your own charts and filters and zoom in on a chloropleth Google Map at Country, State and County level

More on YorkPedia:

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Aug 2, 2020 ( – Release of a new dashboard containing COVID-19 data sourced from Government websites around the world. The site allows you to visualize Covid19 metrics in a variety of charts that can be filtered and searched by various parameters including by distance if you input your location. The dashboard compares geographic regions based on a selected metric on a chloropleth Google Map which may be zoomed and panned to restrict the comparison. The filter includes Draw-a-search functionality to select/lasso specific geographic areas including complex polygons. The site has a drop-down menu containing a number of pre-built queries and you can save your searches and re-use them across devices if you register.Charts can be embedded within your website – build your own dashboard!


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