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RIDGESZN Is Changing the Perspective of Contemporary Hip Hop with Their Impressive Rhythmic Collection



The East-Coast based hip hop group RIDGESZN has dished out some memorable hip hop numbers armed by the artistic dexterity of their supremely talented artists.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Philadelphia, Aug 3, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Equipped with a wide-ranging collection, the hip hop genre comes with countless styles and subgenres to fit with everyone’s requirement. The East-Coast based collective RIDGESZN consisting of musicians coming from New London Connecticut, The Bronx, and the New England area, is ready to satisfy every mood of their audience with their cleverly crafted soundtracks bringing in their new-age vision to the mix. The lead single of their album RS3 Lifestyle Crazy, ‘All That Shit’ featuring Craigy F., Sheezter.pink, and Mikey B is the epitome of a groovy cypher with a hint of their funky individual style.

The other track from the same album ‘Craigy F TV Freestyle’ with 2MIDLFNGRS, Sheezter.pink, and Mikey B is a whirlpool of brilliant resonance basking in the glorious performances of the artists creating a symphony of absolute perfection. On the other hand ‘Concentrate’ with Mikey B and JEMINAI is a soothing and sensual melodic number featuring a perfect marriage between the exotic rhythmic cadence and the idyllic singing of the artists.

Establishing a powerful presence with their charismatic artistry, the hip hop group RIDGESZN has flourished tremendously with their polished and attractive approach. Their eccentric and intense performance of the group’s stars like Craigy F., Sheezter.pink, and Mikey B, and JEMINAI in their finest creations ‘All That Shit’, ‘Craigy F TV Freestyle’ and ‘Concentrate’ is exquisitely breathtaking with a dash of confidence. Experience their commanding verbal presentation exuding a nudge of funk on Spotify and YouTube and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for future updates.

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