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Market Size of The Indian Medical Device – Disposables  Industry is Expected to Reach New Levels By 2023. 



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Delhi, Aug 4, 2020 ( – The report titled ‘Medical Devices & Disposables Industry in India (Disposable Plastic Syringes, Disposable Mask & Gloves, Blood Bags, X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Pacemakers, IV Fluid Sets and Other Devices)  Market Analysis, Trends & Opportunities, Growth Drivers, SWOT Analysis, Industry Size, Outlook and Forecasts Upto 2023’ released by Niir Project Consultancy Services, provides a comprehensive analysis on Indian medical devices sector. The report starts with a brief on the global scenario of the industry and then proceeds to analyze the Indian perspective on the industry. The report analyzes the medical devices sector in profundity by covering data points like industry growth drivers, emerging trends coupled with SWOT analysis of the market and the regulatory framework.

Medical device market also is known as the medical technology market is growing at a healthy rate globally. Indian medical devices industry, though small, has been growing tremendously in the past few years. The last years have seen an increase in the domestic manufacturing of medical equipment. The government has introduced new policies that are in sync with the medical equipment industry. Favourable Indian demographics, rising incomes coupled with encouraging government initiatives and rising disease patterns in the country augurs well for the industry as a whole. India, with its large population base and increasing health awareness among its populace, offers a valuable and incomparable opportunity for the medical devices segment. Indian medical device industry is poised for significant growth in the coming years. The market size of the Indian medical device industry stood at INR 339 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach new levels by 2023. 

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 Reasons for Buying this Report:

  • This research report helps you get a detailed picture of the industry by providing an overview of the industry along with the market structure and classification     
  • The report provides market analysis covering major growth driving factors for the industry, latest market trends and insights on the regulatory framework in the industry
  • This report helps to understand the present status of the industry by elucidating a comprehensive SWOT analysis and scrutiny of the demand-supply situation
  • Report provides analysis and in-depth financial comparison of major competitors
  • The report provides forecasts of key parameters which helps to anticipate the industry performance


Our Approach:

  • Our research reports broadly cover Indian markets, present analysis, outlook and forecast for a period of five years.
  • The market forecasts are developed on the basis of secondary research and are cross-validated through interactions with the industry players
  • We use reliable sources of information and databases, information from which is processed by us and included in the report







1.2.1      Structure            

1.2.2      Classification     




2.1          GROWTH DRIVERS          

2.1.1      Medical Tourism Boom 

2.1.2      Rising Health Awareness             

2.1.3      Growing Incidence of Lifestyle Diseases & NCD’s             

2.1.4      Growth of the Hospital Sector   

2.1.5      Increased Governmental Impetus          

2.1.6      Emerging Home Healthcare Segment    

2.2          EMERGING TRENDS       

2.2.1      Rising Usage of Home Care Devices        

2.2.2      Remote Patient Monitoring Devices       

2.2.3      Unprecedented Demand for Disposables            

2.2.4      Refurbished Equipment               

2.3          REGULATORY FRAMEWORK       

2.3.1      Governing Bodies           

2.3.2      Current Scenario             

2.4          SWOT ANALYSIS              

2.4.1      Strengths      Growing Market Base   Part of the Recession Proof Industry   Favorable Demographics             

2.4.2      Weaknesses   Low Healthcare Penetration   Lack of Accessibility   Capital Intensive Nature         Lack of Trained Personnel           

2.4.3      Opportunities   Rising Disposable Incomes     Rising Government Spending on Healthcare   Low Penetration of Medical Devices   Urbanization     

2.4.4      Threats   Competition   Dependency on Imports              





3.2          INTERNATIONAL TRADE               

3.2.1      Imports               

3.2.2      Exports




4.1          HINDUSTAN SYRINGES & MEDICAL DEVICES LTD               

4.2          OPTO CIRCUITS (INDIA) LTD       

4.3          WIPRO GE HEALTHCARE PVT LTD             




5.1          CONTACT INFORMATION            

5.1.1      Registered Office Address          

5.1.2      Director’s Name              

5.2          KEY FINANCIALS              

5.2.1      Plant Location   

5.2.2      Raw Material Consumption        

5.2.3      Plant Capacity & Sales   

5.2.4      Credit Ratings   

5.3          FINANCIAL COMPARISON           

5.3.1      Assets  

5.3.2      Liabilities             

5.3.3      Growth in Assets & Liabilities     

5.3.4      Structure of Assets & Liabilities 

5.3.5      Income & Expenditure 

5.3.6      Growth in Income & Expenditure            

5.3.7      Profits  

5.3.8      Liquidity Ratios 

5.3.9      Profitability Ratios          

5.3.10    Return Ratios    

5.3.11    Working Capital & Turnover Ratios          






Figure 1 Global Medical Devices Industry- Market Size (2013-23E, In USD Billions)             

Figure 2 Indian Medical Devices Industry- Structure        

Figure 3 Indian Medical Device Industry- Classification   

Figure 4 Medical Tourist Arrivals & their Share in India (2015-18)

Figure 5 Number of Heath Insurance Policies & People Covered in India (In Millions, 2015-19)     

Figure 6 Diabetes Patients in India (In Millions, 2017-45)

Figure 7 Cancer Incidents in India (In Millions, 2014-18)  

Figure 8 Number of Hospitals & Hospital Beds in India (In Numbers, 2019)            

Figure 9 Indian Population (2017-25E, In Billion Numbers)             

Figure 10 Indian Healthcare Sector- Market Size (In USD Billions, 2016-23E)          

Figure 11 Share of Elderly Population in India (Percentage, 2015-50)        

Figure 12 Total Healthcare Expenditure in Developed Countries (Percentage of GDP)     

Figure 13 Monthly Per Capita Income in India (In INR, 2017-20)  

Figure 14 Per Capita Public Health Expenditure & Share in GDP (In INR, 2010-18)               

Figure 15 Budget Plan Outlay for Healthcare Sector in India (In INR Billions, 2018-21)        

Figure 16 Per Capita Penetration of Medical Devices in the World (In USD)           

Figure 17 Urban Population in India (Percentage, 2015-25E)        

Figure 18 Medical Device Imports in India (In INR Billions, 2016-23E)        

Figure 19 Category Wise Break Up of Medical Device Imports in India (In Percentage, 2019)         

Figure 20 Medical Device Exports from India (In INR Billions, 2016-23E)   

Figure 21 Indian Medical Device Industry- Market Size (In INR Billions, 2017-23E)               


Table 1 Risk Classification of Medical Devices in India      

Table 2 Growth of Public Sector Hospitals in India (In Numbers, 2013-19)              

Table 3 Production Capacity of Masks in India    

Table 4 Medical Devices Licensing Authority & Deadline for License         

Table 5 List of 37 Exempted Medical Devices      

Table 6 Import of Medical Devices from India- Product Wise (Amount in INR Millions, 2019-20)  

Table 7 Export of Medical Devices from India- Product Wise (Amount in INR Millions, 2019-20)


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