Rap mogul Empirical Knowledge outshines his contemporaries with his melodically rich lyrical ballad ‘Fakerz’


Empirical knowledge

Promising hip hop artist Empirical Knowledge presents immense potential armed with his exuberant verbal performance in his groovy melodic number ‘Fakerz’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Colorado Springs, Aug 5, 2020 ( – Hip hop and rap genre is the most favorite musical medium for budding musicians to flaunt their poetic and singing capabilities as well as a brilliant coping mechanism for musicians and audiences alike. Embracing the highly relatable nature of the genre, gifted hip hop artist Dylan Lee, popularly known as Empirical Knowledge employs his musical means to spread his vibrant optimism into the hearts of his listeners helping them cope with whatever they are facing in their life.

His empowering soundtrack Fakerz unmasks the futility of having fake and dishonest friends and the song rather encourages the audience to practice self-love and self-independence through an unforgettable lyrical wordplay. The praiseworthy use of apt verbal imageries rectifying the sense of hopelessness finds solace in his matchless pitching agility creating a symphony of fiery energy and passion. His astonishingly pummeling verse delivery backed by his naturally robust vocal magnifies the magnetic allure of the lyrical illustration securing a permanent place among the elites of the industry.

Working with his self-made label Rehab Recordz, Empirical Knowledge always attempts to deliver original rhythmic and lyrical numbers that generate genuine reactions among fans. The hard-hitting rap flow of his newest number ‘Fakerz’ shines in brilliant positivity lining up perfectly with the groovy melodic pattern produced through progressive arrangement and chord structures. Listen to his masterpieces like ‘The Devil by My Side’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘I Need Some sleep, Pt. 1’, and ‘I Need Some sleep,, Pt. 2’ on Spotify and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to know more about his upcoming album dropping soon.

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