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Morphoice Lets the Audience Dance on the Divine and Nostalgic Beats of his Newest Creation ‘Roller Girl’


Rollergirl by Morphoice

The dynamic tonal grandeur of synth-wave interlaced with addictive pop tunes in ‘Roller Girl’ by eminent musician Morphoice opens doors for a new resonating wave.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Heilbronn, Aug 11, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The multi-layered genre of synth-pop has driven straight into the mainstream’s consciousness with its complex synthesizer tunes mixed with the warm catchy hooks of pop. Effortlessly executing the convoluted rhythmic pattern of the genre, highly talented synth-wave artist Morphoice has taken the lead to bring back the magnetic allure of the musical from with subtle resonating contours. Opulent with glossy pop hooks and booming synth beats, his latest exuberant number Roller Girl‘ featuring Classy Williams establishes a new millennium for his outstanding performance.

The well-seasoned music produces has been known for delivering the ultimate synth-wave music with a prevailing amount of dance elements. Experimenting with diverse musical components, he successfully accumulates all under the synth-pop umbrella revealing his creative ambition. The symphony of his every composition exudes a subtle nostalgic vibe embedded in their futuristic yet retro melodies reshaping the boundaries of the genre. The exotic and bubbly rhythmic cadence of his soundscape knocks the audience off their feet.

Hailing from Heilbronn, Germany, the brilliant artist introduced an assortment of sophistication with his finest creation ‘Roller Girl’, joining forces with fellow musician Classy Williams. Drenched in pink neon light and warm summer night vibe, the track takes the audience back and forth in time simultaneously. Producing exceptional melodic pleasure, the track brings in his inimitable new-age vision to the genre. Working with the production house L-Tracks Records, Morphoice has found his individual panache through vigorous hard work. Listen to him on Spotify and SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on his future projects.

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