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Smoove Corleone Dictates Authority and Change in the Hip-Hop Scene with His Truly Captivating Rap Skill


Smoove Corleone

Detroit rapper Smoove Corleone releases three new tracks and raps them in his smooth and effortless voice to give them the true hip-hop essence in his style.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Westland, Aug 12, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The number of new hip-hop artists who are capable enough of reaching to the top of the chart board is dropping considerably. But the chain is soon going to be broken with the entry of a striking new artist who has come to trigger the hip-hop genre with his strengthened rap voice and unique groove. Starting things on a positive note, artist Smoove Corleone has ample hooks to get the listener begging for more of his creations. With his immersive voice and stylish rap attitude, the rapper has cast a strong competition to the others.

Few of the latest tracks released by the rapper that describes his true caliber are Don’t Trip‘, ‘Top Back, and ‘I Slide. All the songs are dynamic and filled with catchy rhythms and eclectic style to help the listeners recognize his creations only after one listen. The artist has been making waves in the hip-hop scene with his huge style variation starting from lyrical rhymes to hard-hitting vocals. The songs come from his eight songs album Smoke & Smoove: The Lost Tapes, Vol. 1 and reminds the fans of hip-hop that true hip-hop can never slow down. Lyrically, the artist has chosen some fantastic and punchy words to resonate with a larger audience.

Coming from Detroit, Smoove Corleone has built all three songs ‘Don’t Trip’, ‘Top Back’, and ‘I Slide’ under the label NoChill Records and offers smooth riding music to give a good musical time to the audience. Overall the songs have a relaxing vibe with good lyrics to satisfy the old fashioned hip-hop heads.

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