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The Lyrical and Rhythmic Spontaneity in GSHAWN700’s Song ‘Heavy Traffic’ is an Intense Hip Hop Chronicle



The musical and thematic marathon in artist GSHAWN700’S newly released song ‘Heavy Traffic’ constitutes some of the most important themes of social turbulence.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Baton Rouge, Aug 12, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Hip hop’s contemporary opinions of being are being deconstructed and put together into undulating rhythmic dynamics by upcoming artist GSHAWN700. This rapper and storyteller is gradually traveling the course of systemic creative evolution with his opinionated verses that exemplify real issues and more. He recently came out with the single, ‘Heavy Traffic‘, an uplifting musical verse that not only pays heartfelt tribute to the cultural significance of hip hop but also establishes a thematic line of code that is extremely important in the backdrop of today’s world. Directed by David G, the song puts forward an underlying protest through the edges of rap and hip hop and the result is a streaming membrane of rhythmic and musical intensity.

The artist hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has compiled his creative flairs into a flowing arena of expressionism. His ideas of rhythmic verses and the thematic storytelling makes ‘Heavy Traffic‘ stand out in flavors. His use of contemporary musical strains along with old school influences in his arrangement paves the way for something enriched. Hip hop has always been extremely progressive in its creative stances and artistry and he has made sure that the lineage is carried forward unadulterated. Lending his mystifying voice and natural rhythm to the song, he elevated the collective experience for the audience to a whole another degree of musical freedom and individualism. The lyrical competency is commendable that uses colloquialism and pop culture to justify its thematic goals seamlessly before the audience.

Rap and hip hop emerged yet again as a revolutionary voice with GSHAWN700. Although his journey is just starting out, his conviction is unparalleled as he puts in his best efforts to challenge his own insights and horizons. His music is for all those who are looking for creative freedom while it also stands as an active voice for his community and also, all of humanity. The way with which he is rendering his musical passion, his breakthrough moment is not far from reaching global fulfillment. From the rhythmic interpretations to the whole performance, he truly earns a valuable identity for himself. Follow his work on YouTube and Instagram to experience the outspoken musical virtues of hip hop.


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