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An Interview with Nocturnal Abstract Artist | John Shashaty


John Shashaty

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Aug 17, 2020 ( – An Interview with Nocturnal Abstract Artist | John Shashaty

By:  Anthony Calabrese


Nocturnal Abstract is at it again! As the world faces one of the craziest times in history with a global pandemic and black lives matter riots happening simultaneously, Nocturnal Abstract artist John Shashaty is out there building unity and looking for a silver lining. 

A few weeks ago, Shashaty randomly donated 2222 COVID19 masks in NYC, just because it was the right thing to do. He walked into open businesses, left a box of 100 – 200 masks on the counter with a stack of business cards, and told business owners I hope this free promo helps you stay open. Good luck!  In return, he only took a free slice of pizza and a fountain coke. As Shashaty put it “I feel the need to do something instead of sitting in my home waiting for a vaccine. Medical professionals say we need masks to combat the virus, so I figured I can help with that and maybe even make it trendy and fun.  Every little bit counts until we get this thing behind us”. That’s the right vibe, to say the least.

Prior to that Shashaty donated funds to cancer charities through the sales of a pink watch carrying his artwork on the face. Another sign that this brand got it right. Shashaty stated the following about this event; “It wasn’t much, but we all have a story that we can relate to when it comes to fighting cancer. Nocturnal Abstract to me is a hobby, just like creating the original artwork. We aren’t competing with major brands, and may never do that, but I assure you we will have positive core values no matter how racy or wild the designs get.”

Now as things open up from COVID-19 in NYC, Shashaty is focused on creating unity in the community. Shashaty has made it a point to use his Nocturnal Abstract COVID designed masks wisely again by attending peaceful “Black Lives Matter” protests and distributing them to members of the crowd that need one. When asked about this Shashaty said; “No matter what your views are we all need to remember we are in this together in every way. There should be no boundaries or lines anywhere because we are one people. I’m lucky that I was raised in NYC, because for me everyone is family from my Italian barber, to my African American physical therapist, to my Caucasian physician and my Asian mechanic. I only reference their backgrounds to show that I have a diverse family that I respect and love. If we can figure out a way to peacefully get people on this same mindset that’s great.  I just thought hey, don’t forget there is a pandemic going on so let me help my family not get sick as they drive change. The best part is in all of the protests the masks actually have been received well with hugs, fist pounds, and bringing people together which is the best part.”

I asked Shashaty; what’s next for Nocturnal Abstract.  How is business? Shashaty’s reply was; I’m not in this for the money. If Nocturnal Abstract grew to a major brand that would be amazing, but if it doesn’t, it will remain my hobby and form of expression. I like having this forum as a release from my day to day life. I love the art scene, the vibe, learning from other artists, self-expression, culture, diversity, great conversation, and all of the wonderful non-financial things this outlet gives me.  I want to be well rounded professionally and from a creative standpoint. So it is all good if we stay right here on the ground and can earn a few bucks to distribute a few masks. I have to admit though, seeing people rock a pair of my sneakers knowing that I was in my living room drawing that artwork one evening with a story to tell is truly an incredible feeling.

My last question for Shashaty was – What do you say to the haters? His reply; my designs aren’t for everyone. I knew that going in. But that’s okay because they are for some.  For me, that’s what counts. I love that even one person wants to own or talk about my artwork.  It’s fun.  With respect to people in general, all I can say is I recently had two people in my circle that were completely selfish and rotten at their cores. They had nothing of value to add to my life other than their selfish rotten ways. They did everything they could to bring me down while smiling at me. I let them feel like they succeeded.  They needed that to be happy as miserable as that is. Then time passed and I realized, they did me a huge favor in so many ways. I ended up so much better off, progressed forward, learned about what true evil and selfishness is and how to avoid it, and got them out of my life forever.  What a gift from God!  I realized wow, I feel bad for these two because they are truly miserable inside. Looking back, I’m so happy to have advanced from this experience and hope they can work on themselves and find happiness within. 

Deep stuff for sure! In closing, Shashaty’s artwork is one thing.  It’s different, trippy, conversational, and an NYC creation. As a sneaker collector, that was enough for me to rock a pair of the high tops for my casual nights. After learning about the vibe of this brand though, I have to say I am proud to rock them and happy to tell this story. 

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