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LISA Group Rebrands to Gigahub


LISA Group second Annual Meeting June 2020 Redcabin Berlin

LISA Group, The Intelligence Company today announces a rebranding to showcase its product portfolio, Gigahub. Part of the rebranding strategy involves the company trading under the name Gigahub and potentially going forward publicly.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Carson City, Aug 19, 2020 ( – Predictive Maintenance Company, LISA Group – including their German entity LISA Deutschland GmbH, announces it will rebrand to Gigahub, combining the name Giga and Hub. Giga derives from the Greek word , meaning “giant”, and a hub is the central part of a wheel, that reflects hyper-connectivity and integrity.

Ali Baghchehsara, Chief Executive Officer of LISA Group, said: ”Gigahub is the symbol of intelligence in our hyper-connected world, integrating information in such a way that it can quickly and easily be consumed while respecting privacy and legal compliances. With our new brand identity, we feel we have succeeded in creating the world’s most unique platform to let the digits meet the information by the consumer. Our new identity reflects the emphasis we place on simplicity, enabling our customers and partners to do what they love, in the most efficient way possible.”

The name change was also in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted the aviation and aerospace industries. Additionally, the move is in preparation for ongoing fundraising activities, indicating a potential option to go public with the German entity in leadership.

”The impacts of the pandemic presented a great opportunity to transform and use our experience building highly accurate mobile and web-based applications in such a high-tech environment. By applying these applications, we can offer new solutions for the automotive, aviation, medicine, and public sectors,” Baghchesara added.

In North America, LISA Group will remain focused on technology activities, systems of systems, and consulting services. The number of small to medium-sized miscellaneous consulting projects will primarily shift from LISA Group to the Nevada based mother, Alphabeta Group.

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