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The avant-garde EDM composer Zodiak iller drops a set of crazy, strange and transcendental, ambient track


Zodiak iller

The popular DJ at Producer Dojo, Zodiak iller is set to make a mark of his individuality with new EDM numbers that can rattle your bones with its beats.

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Nevada City, Aug 19, 2020 ( – The EDM music composer Zodiak iller thinks bigger about music, words like black holes, void, and interspace can relate to the theme of his work. Drawing influence from the supernatural cataclysms and beautiful phenomenon for his music, he has created a strange legacy of eclectic EDM music. He is a veteran of club music in California. After gathering experience in the industry for nine years, he has survived the toughest period of his career and let it sprung to reach a higher altitude with each music release. ‘Get ’em‘ is crafted with a raspy version of vocals of the collaborating artist, making it a bouncy and head-boggling track to get a lot in the cantrip created by the magician.

He lives music with every breath he takes in. He ties the knot with big production houses like Producer Dojo and worked with ill.Gates. His sparkling trap and Dubstep beats can get anyone addicted. He has released a new tape with two tracks, naming it Art Imitating Lyfe. It is one of the most-streamed projects that he has produced independently. ‘Lyke Dis’ got viral last time, making space in the top EDM charts surprisingly.

Zodiak iller is full of cool and refreshing energy that he injects in his songs. The latest track ‘Got ’em‘ is a remarkable example of the Bass music in California. Its supreme bass will kill the eardrums until you go insane and get ready to rock the dance floor. The psychedelic beats and hard drops create a perfect party scene so that people can forget about the harsh reality and sublime the pain with pleasure. Get all the new tracks on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter.

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Zodiak illerGet emGot

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