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The Duo JTLR has Amplified the Musical Quotient with Fascinating Beats and Melody from Their Latest Songs


Looking 4 Change  Radio Edit

JTLR is a talented duo dishing out vivacious numbers in the contemporary hip hop genre. They have created a lot of fan frenzy with their unique and uber-cool style.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Aug 19, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The prodigious singer Johnny T is an integral part of JTLR with the other being Lyric Richardson. They have impressed the audience with hiphop numbers such as ‘Looking 4 Change’ that features Breana Marin and Noah Jones, ‘We Got’cha’ also featuring Madd Scientist and ‘Instagirl’. The rapper is also the owner of the avant-garde production house called ‘Phastlife Media Group (PLMG)’ and ‘JTLR Music’. Through distribution rights with The Orchard, they are indirectly linked to the production giant Sony Music. To fetch more information about the duo, log on to their Facebook and Instagram handle.

The prolific duo JTLR is talented has come up with a heck of a pace in the track ‘Looking 4 Change’. In the number ‘We Got’cha’ there are smooth vibes with soulful vocals. There is a profound bounce in the track ‘Instagirl’. He is bug-bitten by the rap songs of early 2000 and late 90’s and goy inspirations from legends like Public Enemy, De La Soul, Ice Cube, Pete Rock, Diamond, The Roots EPMD and Positive K.

The numbers by the duo par excellence are exquisite with a whip-smart hook-line. The touch of funk and fusion is subtle. Their track ‘What I’m Made to Do’ was in contention for the Grammy Awards 2020. The wrestling enthusiast and nerd are holding back due to Covid-19 and is coming up with a release of an EP in October this year. He also hosts a podcast called ‘The Center of the Ring’. The tracks by the duo can be heard on major streaming sites like Spotify.

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We Got ChaInstagirl

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