CrowPi2- A Must-Have Portable STEM Education Laptop for Your Kids



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Shenzhen, Aug 20, 2020 ( – Elecrow, a leading provider of opensource hardware and education products has raised $652,640 on Kickstarter. The CrowPi2 is the most funded Raspberry Pi powered Laptop with 2087 backers, and now you can pre-order on its official website at $269.

  The CrowPi2, obviously a successor to the CrowPi, is an all-in-one device based on Raspberry Pi & STEM education platform that you may long for. Comes with 22 normal sensors and buttons under the removable wireless keyboard, it’s designed to make learning fun and engaging. Over 70 step-by-step lessons on Scratch, Python, AI and Minecraft, you can learn programming in an easier way, even for a beginner.

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  Thanks to the firm support and trust of Elecrow backers, the CrowPi2 achieved a huge success. To create something that people can use to learn, to explore and to have fun, is always Elecrow adhere to. Next, the Elecrow team plan to launch another crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their coming soon Crowbits.

  The Crowbits is designed for STEM education and the campaign will be online soon. For more product details, please keep in tune.


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