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A Wisdom-Filled Memoir of a Woman’s First Fifty-Five Years


My First FiftyFive Years  Front Cover

Author paints a picture of how radiant the future will be like when one perseveres and stands firm in the faith.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Waukegan, Aug 25, 2020 ( –  Writer Rosie M. Elder publishes a spirited autobiography entitled My First Fifty-Five Years. Rosie starts the narration in 1948 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where she was born to a hardworking rural family. Although she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth and started to work at an early age, this did not stop her from using her mental capabilities in reaching greater heights. Rosie’s positivity, which renounces regrets, was able to catapult her into the advancement she long desired. My First Fifty-Five Years is an inspiring chronicle from hardship to grace.

“In 2003, Elder challenged herself to begin writing this engaging memoir, which contains a wide range of family lore along with her personal experiences. Interspersed within her short but energetic narrative are several enlightening papers that Elder wrote for theology classes. One stresses the importance of prayer as a Christian ritual. Another one highlights the life story of Jesus. The third is a brief biography of Teresa of Avila, while another is a candid essay focused on her involvement with death and dying. These interesting themes show her strengths as an academic observer and her skills in expository writing. In mild contrast, the family history and intimate recollections she shares with her reader show a love of vernacular, a willingness to disclose some of her heart’s secrets, and an enjoyable sense of humor,” says Barbara Bamberger Scott of The US Review of Books.

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My First Fifty-Five
Written by Rosie M. Elder
E-book | $5.99
Paperback | $11.49

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My First FiftyFive Years  Back Cover

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