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The Creative Diversity of Synthwave is Exemplified in the Groovy Aura of Morphoice’s ‘Strange Nights’


Strange Nights by Morphoice

Upcoming artist Morphoice is creating a mesmerizing scope of thematic and musical purposes across the streams of synthwave and sythpop in his song, ‘Strange Nights’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Heilbronn, Aug 25, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The creative strains of diverse musical influences have found a contemporary outline in the works of upcoming synthwave musician Morphoice. He is creating a synthwave music project that is inspired by the virtues of both old-school and new-age creative characteristics and amalgamates into a flowing course of limitless musical proximity. He recently came out with the song, ‘Strange Nights‘, a beautiful assortment of sound frequencies, beats, and instrumental arrangements that put together a wide-ranging scope of music. Working alongside the sound enamels of synthpop, synthwave, and electronic dance music, his outflow is a variety of purposes that blend into the crowd like an effortless array of musical hope.

The artist hails from Heilbronn, Germany, and is currently associated with the label house L-Tracks Records. His music is heavily inspired by the sound of the ’80s and flows into the mainstream of modern-day arrangements. The song ‘Strange Nights‘ is a balanced symbiosis between old and new tunes and goes through undulations of musical dynamics to reach the epitome of creative closures. His other song ‘Rollergirl’ also resonates thematic waves of abstract thoughts and fantasies that the artist beautifully juxtaposes in his musical entities.

Apart from being a musician, Morphoice is also a producer, freelance composer, photographer, and sci-fi and fantasy author. This collective insight helped him to interpret his music with more depth and categorical meaning. His music is relevant and resonates with the crowd with its symbolic emotions and empathies that everybody feels at some point in their lives. Follow his work of musical connection and creative expressions on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and his own website right away.

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