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Nick Bautista Will Showcase His New Works at Agora Gallery This Fall


Nick Bautista

The talented NYC-based artist Nick Bautista will showcase his new works at Agora Gallery that has announced two group exhibitions scheduled for this fall.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Aug 26, 2020 ( – While the coronavirus situation is still ongoing and remains a threat to everyone’s health, New York is gradually opening up. This does not mean that we will soon return to normal life, but we are at least a step closer now. New York’s arts scene is also on its way to recovery. After several months of pandemic lockdowns, many local museums and galleries are planning to reopen in September. One of them is the amazing Agora Gallery that is already welcoming guests to enjoy the best in contemporary art. Agora Gallery has recently announced two upcoming exhibitions scheduled for this fall. Both exhibitions will feature works by a carefully selected group of talented artists, including the NYC-based painter Nick Bautista.

About Nick Bautista

Nick Bautista is a visual artist known for his boldly colored, expressive depictions of figures whose features are obscured by thick, gestural brushstrokes. The artist mainly works in acrylic and oil, using painting to record his personal struggles and emotions he cannot express with words. Inspired by the work of the German and Abstract Expressionists, Bautista’s art is his way to cope with problems and difficult home life he experienced while growing up. It is also his way to help people deal with their own struggles by finding a connection to something close to their hearts in his ambiguous compositions.

Nick Bautista’s latest series of works comprised of nine paintings is titled “How The Fuck Did I Get Here?” It represents a culmination of specific events, people, and feelings from the past 22 years of his life. According to the artist, he created these paintings without overthinking and restraint. They have become a somewhat reflection of his life, filled with nostalgia, regret, bitterness, happiness, anger, and heartbreak we all experience at some point or another. Some of these works will be showcased by Agora Gallery this fall.

Upcoming exhibitions at Agora Gallery

Nick Bautista’s works from “How The Fuck Did I Get Here?” series will appear at two group exhibitions hosted by Agora Gallery. The first one titled “Turn a Leaf” is scheduled for September 1 – September 22, with a reception on September 10 (face masks required). The second show titled “Engaging the Full Spectrum” will be held at the gallery on October 27 – November 17, with a reception on October 29. Both exhibitions are open to the public. Admission is free to all.

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Nick Bautista Will Showcase His New Works at Agora Gallery This Fall
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