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Prentiss has Belted Out Pristine Sounds of Pop and Soulful Vibes in his Latest Enthralling Numbers


The talented Prentiss has soared up the mercury level with fascinating tunes in his latest songs. These are cracking performance by the brilliant musician.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Arlington, Aug 29, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The lyrical grandeur etched out by the prolific musician Prentiss has created an indomitable impression on the listeners. He has come up with the fascinating track ‘Beautiful People‘ and ‘Free‘ that has created ripples. He belongs to Water Valley Ms. and grew up in the Midwest. He spent his early days in the military academy of the USA. He has a passion for all genres of music and loved the way music was dished out in the roaring ’70s and ’80s and was fascinated by the funk. He is also a fan of Rick James and is in love with his music. He perfected his music by staying in Arlington, Texas. There are sounds of urban pop and R&B in his tracks. A stylish retro funk makes a perfect blend of R&B and soul in his tracks. To know more about him, one can log on to his Facebook profile.

In the sassy number ‘Beautiful People’ by Prentiss there are smooth vibes with absorbing vocals. In the number ‘Free‘ there is a splendid flow that has an exquisite appeal.One can engage in an impromptu gabfest with the singer by logging on to his Twitter handle.

Both the brilliant numbers by the astounding musician there is an eclectic appeal. Pop fusion has got addictive luscious pop that is mesmerizing. The brilliant vocal delivery creates a gorgeous moment of bliss. The tracks by the singer can be heard on popular music streaming sites like Spotify.  

Just go for these tracks by Prentiss :

Beautiful People : https://open.spotify.com/track/3o0Leb8Pf1bI1xlWxr0Mht

Free : https://open.spotify.com/track/7yDmeFPo3nHxk4di9soXsG

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