Gifted pop artist JP delivers his finest performance to date in his exceptional resonating piece ‘With Me’


With Me

Talented pop musician JP tells a beautiful story through his picturesque melodic number ‘With Me’ enhanced by his exuberant vocals and power-packed performance.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Houston, Aug 31, 2020 ( – The soft melodies of pop incorporated with impactful yet entertaining lyrical elements have widened the spectrum of the genre accumulating fans all over the globe. Established and well-seasoned pop musician JP has introduced his latest creation With Me‘ which is a phenomenal pop number rich in all the classic elements of the genre. The song showcases his incredible rendition into the genre with the implementation of diverse sonic elements ranging from electronic music to R&B with a hint of his own thematic twist.

Growing up with different musical influences around him, the prolific artist sharpened his amazing versatility from a very young age. Experimenting with various instrumental and acoustic beats, he has found his inimitable sound establishing his powerful presence in the global music industry. The independent artist has founded his own production house named JP to create music that is not bound by any restriction. Basking in this wonderful thematic freedom, the gifted musician has unleashed his full potential creating the most beautiful melodies that have ever been created.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, JP has never failed to deliver quality music that is opulent with a glorious rhythmic cadence and stirring lyrical illustration. His recent release With Me‘ is the epitome of dynamic pop tunes with a delightful resonance and moving lyrics arranged with powerful metaphors. His other two songs ‘Runaway girl’ and ‘Without You’ also feature that rare blend of breathtaking instrumental harmony amplifying the impact of the potent and eloquent lyrical arrangement. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram and know more about his upcoming projects.

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