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Wolfgang Lohr has peppered the audience with enthralling electro-swing stuff in the track ‘Re-Ain’t She Sweet’


ReAint She Sweet

The classy Wolfgang Lohr has swept the audience off their feet with the track ‘Re-Ain’t She Sweet’. It is a fascinating execution in a new-age electro swing.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Berlin, Aug 31, 2020 ( – The creativity of the brilliant music producer Wolfgang Lohr has sprinkled a lot of fresh vibes in the minds of the listeners. He has come up with the deftly composed number Re-Ain’t She Sweet‘ in the electro-swing genre. The Dj and composer based out of Berlin is also a fantastic remixer and producer. He is the owner of an avant-garde production house called ‘Electro Swing Thing Records’ that has futuristic facilities. To know about the queued up ventures of the music producer, the fans can plug into his Instagram profile.

In the electro-swing track Re-Ain’t She Sweet‘ by the astounding music producer Wolfgang Lohr there are catchy vibes with a sassy hook. The track has a great melody with a whip-smart groove. He has remixes of 100+ tracks in his kitty with fascinating artists like Tinush, Lexer, Felix Jaehn, Alle Farben, and Parov Stellar. He was also part of the house duo titled ‘DINKS’ and also ‘DORADE’ that is a tech-house outfit. The audience can also share an impromptu gabfest with the singer, by logging on to his Twitter profile.

The prodigious music producer has churned out the entrancing number that has a flabbergasting appeal and it is played in all the major mainstream airplay. Before emerging as a major producer he was part of the ska band called ‘Das Kartell’ for 15 years. To listen to his mesmerizing numbers, the audiences can log on to popular music streaming apps like Spotify. The music videos by the eclectic Dj can be watched on major trending platforms like YouTube

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