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The Dark Walk Home Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The immensely popular musician Weston Brown, for the art of creating ambient music and thematic soundtracks, has produced two tracks featuring in the new film.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Tucson, Sep 1, 2020 ( – If you are bored with the raucous ambient instrumentation that makes you hyperactive and anxious every time you plug your headphones on, then you need to know about a different music genre that is more soothing and cathartic. Weston Brown from California is a healing meditation music producer who brings eternal solace through the waves of conciliatory melodies. He adorns his instrumentation with a melange created by the sound of new and vintage instruments that evokes human feelings like a clear stream of a brook. He has worked in many movies and produced some eclectic pieces of soundtracks that created phenomena in the industry.

He astounds the world with the heavenly sound of the piano played by his nimble fingers. He learned about music deeply with the demonstrative courses at the University of Arizona and UCLA in Los Angeles. His healing sound is quite famous on the number one free meditation app Insight Timer. He doesn’t only make the profound sound for mollifying your hurt, he also makes thrilling and strange soundtracks that can steal your sleep. ‘The Dark Walk Home (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)‘ is the latest addition to his music compositions. It sounds eerie and strange that will make you fall in love with the rejection and Isolation to find your inner peace.

Weston Brown is inspired to make usual, soft, and complex art that is pure in its form. ‘Purgatory‘ is also featuring in a movie that gets people into a tizzy with its pacific and perfectly harmonized sound. It brings out the feeling of repercussion and worship of seclusion that can save one from all the sins in the world. Get more information about him on youtube, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Purgatory Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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