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‘Rudeboy’ Sets the Bar High With Its Unparalleled Versatility Amplifying the Vocal Performance of the Artists



‘Rudeboy’ by Birmingham artists Rozzz and DDROID steals the show with a dynamic execution of smooth jazz and blissful soul incorporated with the incredible singing.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Mesa, Sep 2, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The classic genres of jazz and soul recently got revamped through the modern mix of contemporary musicians who are not afraid to fluctuate between genres to establish their unique sound. Introducing her modern take on jazz and soul, gifted musician Rozzz joined forces with fellow artist DDROID to create a zesty mix of the two iconic musical forms in their latest creative piece Rudeboy. The song is full of boisterous energy and sensual lyrical illustration mixed with a breathtaking melodic resonance that shines brightly with the vocal performance of both artists.

Armed with their outstanding flexibility, they are comfortable in fluctuating between genres choosing whatever suits them the best to express their flamboyant individuality. Both of them are exceptionally established in their individual career and have become supremely successful in their joint venture producing highly addictive and entertaining sonic textures and eloquent verbal imageries. Blurring the gap between genres, they have achieved a higher form of musical singularity blessing the audience with experience into the reverie of absolute tonal pleasure.

Hailing from Birmingham, the extremely talented musician duo channels their raw passion and energy into their craft coming up with the masterpiece number ‘Rudeboy’. Rozzz‘s raspy angelic voice colliding with Lagos-born DDROID‘s robust vocal prowess hit the audience hard like a thunderbolt. Opulent in dance vibe the song features an exotic melodic resonance that is orchestrated through the progressive arrangement of chords.

Listen to this song on Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/track/3wH3lQlRsemXm6h2v7jXYh

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