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Upcoming Artist from Detroit IamFriz, Brings his Charming Persona to the Rap World With the New Track ‘Wild Child’



Groove to the addictive beats of IamFriz, an upcoming artist from Detroit who with his fascinating rap works in ‘Wild Child’ has stirred all buzz in the industry.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Detroit, Sep 7, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The year 2020 has assembled several unique style hip-hop artists, but only a few of them can survive till the end. Bringing to the competitive world of rap his fascinating rap style and sound, a rapper who’s making the most adventurous and extraordinary kind of exciting hip-hop music is IamFriz. The upcoming artist from Detroit is well aware of his potential and has developed a rock-solid reputation for himself in the industry. Flooding the market of hip-hop with his raw material, the artist uses his passion and motivation as the main key to his success. From a sound perspective, the rapper is blessed with an original sound making sure that his name is never forgotten. Adding all the right ingredients in his sound design, the fluent rapper has recently dropped his new gripping soundtrack that showcases both his artistic virtues and his hooking body groove.

Wild Child is the latest music video released by this rapper in which he stylistically routes out his charming persona and stand apart sound skills. His rap form instructs a new form of consciousness and amplified maturity that is rare to find in today’s league. The artist has structured out an extremely appealing choreography that goes in hand with thoughtful and engaging lyrics to offer moments of pure joy and fun to the audience. Beats built impressively to highlight the rapper’s swagger filled rap art and develop a quick connection with the listener for its high-quality fluency.

The song is a step forward in upholding the artist’s artistry and reveals the most attractive sides of his personality that were previously hidden from the world. The video shows the rapper running across the street and finally taking shelter inside a house until he gets followed by again. His infectious style and performance keep the whole scene engaging and the addictive hooks make sure that the audience groove endlessly to its melodious tempo. Styled in blue shorts with a white casual T gives the rapper a swagger filled look who looks casual but his rap is highly proficient.

Coming from Michigan, IamFriz is authentic at every step and is here to earn his spot in the industry. Bringing his new style and texture to the hip-hop and trap music, the artist brings the best vibes out of the genres, and his outstanding performance in ‘Wild Child’ clearly demonstrates his intentions. The song has been made under the label TopShelfOrDie and is now available on YouTube for the full watch. Follow the upcoming rapper on Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned to all his latest updates.


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