Importance of Choosing a NAATI-Accredited Translator in Melbourne


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Sep 10, 2020 ( – NAATI-accredited translators are required by individuals or organizations in Melbourne who want to translate or present documents in a language other than English to a government agency in Australia. A NAATI-accredited translator is well versed in the standards, regulations, and protocols that are mandated by the Australian Government when it comes to translations.

National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters or NAATI is an Australian organization that sets standards for Australian-based translators and interpreters. It is a body that has been set up according to the constitution of Australia. Most professional translation services in Australia are NAATI accredited. This means that when you submit your documents for translation to these services, the agency will have them translated by a NAATI-accredited translator.

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Professional translators and interpreters who work in Australia have to pass a series of tests that are organised by NAATI in order to acquire their accreditation. Getting a NAATI accreditation is the first step for any translator or interpreter who wants to make a living using their knowledge and expertise in a language other than English. After getting the required accreditation status, a translator will be eligible to offer what is commonly called a NAATI translation or NAATI-certified translation.

NAATI translators may not be required for certain private business translation tasks as they are mostly required and at times mandated for government-related services. But NAATI translators have proven that their translation expertise has reached certain standards which are now being recognised globally. This has made many private organisations seek out an individual freelancer or a translation service in Melbourne that offers NAATI-accredited translators.

For more complex translation work, many have opted for an advanced NAATI certificated translator. Usually, a NAATI accreditation coupled with specialisations that the translator has in certain fields has proven to be an asset. Such skills and experience come in handy when there is a requirement for a NAATI translator who can deal in legal or marketing translation.


Benefits of using a NAATI Translation Service in Melbourne

In many cases, Australian Government agencies require you to provide translated documents. This has often been the case when people are dealing with immigration and citizenship applications, where most of the original documents provided are in foreign languages. For a certified document translation, a NAATI-accredited translator’s help will be needed. The benefit of insisting for a NAATI translation by various government agencies is that they are guaranteed to get translated documents that meet the standards as required by them.

There are many other advantages of using a NAATI translator. Here are a few of them:

  • Documents presented with NAATI translation certification helps in completing various government-mandated submissions with ease
  • Since the documents are handled by translators with NAATI translation accreditation, you are guaranteed to get your documents converted according to all the legal requirements
  • Translation services provided by a NAATI-accredited translator will be culturally sensitive and politically correct as they have been trained to keep in mind the sensitivities associated with various native languages.
  • All the documents that are translated using a NAATI-accredited translation service are treated with confidentiality, which ensures that none of your sensitive data is leaked illegally
  • NAATI-Accredited translation services will manage your documents with great professionalism. The editing and proofreading services that they provide minimizes the risk of errors.

Looking for NAATI Translation Services in Melbourne?

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