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Psychic Reader Peter Has Helped Thousands of People from Around the World During Covid-19


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Psychic Reader Peter 2nd Generation Psychic is Helping People Across the World, Thanks to the Internet.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Houston, Sep 13, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Psychic Reader Peter a second Generation and son of the late Psychic Medium Dr. Julie Sousa. Peter has been assisting many through COVID-19 (coronavirus), around the world. Many have been either financially displaced, emotionally dismantled, or facing relationship challenges. Psychic Reader Peter has been assisting them to cope and find direction through these very difficult times.

Psychic Reader Peter has been assisting and providing psychic therapy through various means such as; chat, messenger, zoom, and WhatsApp. These methods allow so many around the world to get guidance through such challenging times.

From Austin, Texas, Lisa Marie Garcia says, “Peter has helped heal my relationship with my husband, we were both laid off within the same week. This caused a huge rift; we argued every night. Peter not only helped me know how to resolve the conflict but led us to the right path to new employment.”

Psychic Reader Peter has been creating new and innovative ways to connect with people worldwide on his site Pisces of Leo. Peter says, “I realize we are in a world of separation when all we want to do is connect. Connecting with people is what I do”.

Peter is has plans to create a live video system for those who may feel their home may be haunted. Many psychic mediums tend to feel the need to be within the location itself, however, with the epidemic at hand that makes it very difficult to perform. Excitingly, Peter discovered by connecting virtually with others; he can tune in exactly as if he were there in person.

About Psychic Read Peter
Dr. Peter Sousa, aka “Psychic Reader Peter,” is a psychic, tele-empath, clairvoyant, and “remote-viewer.” He has over 20 years of experience. He is exceptionally skilled in solving romantic puzzles and economic problems. He is also a Medical Intuitive and paranormal “psychic” Investigator.



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