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With Remarkable Success in Global Hip Hop Scene, J Lord has dropped Another Music Video ’13 Freestyle (Il Dolore)’


Hip Hop Singer  J Lord

Young and talented Italian rapper J Lord introduces the world with his incredible rhyming techniques in the popular lyrical number ‘13 Freestyle (Il Dolore)’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Forio d’Ischia, Sep 14, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The versatile genre of rap offers so much potential in the thematic universe prioritizing the artistic creativity of the performers bringing out their true dexterity. Determined to establish his powerful reign in the global music industry, gifted hip hop artist J Lord has dished out his breathtakingly exquisite music video called 13 Freestyle (Il Dolore)‘ unfurling his tremendous pitching agility. The track is produced by Dat Boi Dee, who has done a great job at enhancing the vocal dexterity of the nascent artist and thus taking the song to its dynamic height. Bless with a robust vocal style, the brilliant rapper has showcased his outstanding rhyming capabilities making the song entertaining to everyone despite being in pure Italian.

Born in the suburbs of Napoli, the Italian rapper J Lord is originally from Ghana has been influenced by different musical genres, and among them, he became mainly interested in the genre of hip hop and rap. His American style of rapping infused with the flavourful local vibe establishes a unique rendition of the genre that separates his resonating identity in the global hip hop scene. With a rock ‘n’ roll street-life experience and a huge passion and love for the art of music-making, the brave and prolific artist has been able to omit the generation and cultural gap bringing the audience under on thematic roof.

Working under the careful guidance of the production house Wonder Manage, J Lord has flourished in his rap career with intense and vigorous hard work. Deriving influences his own life experiences of struggle and hardships, the articulate musicians has effortlessly developed a highly realistic soundscape that connects with listeners on so many levels, penetrating their psyche. His newest music video ’13 Freestyle (Il Dolore)’ is the epitome of poetic majesty delivered through his unparalleled rhyming scheme that distinguishes his exquisite panache from the contemporary measures. The pummeling beats incorporated with the artist’s exceptional vocal performance come to life with the entertaining visual presentation of the song. Experience his storytelling vibes in his other masterpieces like ‘GANGSTER’, ‘2020 freestyle’, ‘ZONA’, ‘FIGLI DEL PASSATO’ and more. Follow him on YouTube, Spotify and Instagram for updates on his upcoming works.

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