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Net Smile, Inc. Expands AIScanRobo® Solution To U.S. Markets, Redefines Invoice Analyzation With Powerful AI Technology


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Leading provider of innovative business solutions using artificial intelligence, Net Smile, Inc.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Tokyo, Sep 15, 2020 ( – Net Smile, Inc., a leading provider of innovative AI-powered business solutions, has announced an expansion of its revolutionary AI-OCR solution, AIScanRobo®, to U.S. markets. The company is currently soliciting corporate partners and clients seeking to take advantage of this proprietary AI technology.

AIScanRobo®, a leading improvement over traditional AI-OCR technology has been designed to extract business data faster and more accurately than ever before through an in-depth analysis of invoice types and formats. Storing results in templates and datasheets, the AI learns through the reading process to improve accuracy over time and reduce total cost exponentially. Simplifying and assisting with the digital workflow transformation of today’s businesses, AIScanRobo® makes significant strides beyond AI-OCR to reduce labor-intensive data entry and increase focus on high-priority tasks.  Convert images of typed, handwritten, or printed text into comma-separated values (CSV), whether from a scanned page, PDF, a photo, or an image, AIScanRobo® proves a robust solution for any business enterprise. Also, during the Covid-19 pandemic employees want to work from home, but people in the accounting team need to go to their office for transcribing the invoices. With AIScanRobo®, working from home becomes an available option of work.

Key AIScanRobo® features include optimal analysis of scanned results with AI, automatic template identification, smooth integration with RPA, cloud-based service with the latest updates, easy template set up, and pattern recognition. AIScanRobo® is available in five different languages with additional language variants available upon request.

Automating the digitization process of complex invoices for clients in the food, import, and export industries, AIScanRobo® has demonstrated savings of over 80 percent for companies that had previously complained about unnecessary financial outflows when attempting to maintain electronic records. A vital cost-saving for the 21st-century, the adoption and implementation of AIScanRobo® has proven effective for short and long-term market gains and profitability.

To find out what AIScanRobo® can do for you, sign-up for a free reading test here. For corporate partnership inquiries, please click here. There will also be a web seminar held every month to discuss AI-OCR. Feel free to join here. 

About Net Smile, Inc.
Net Smile, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative business solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Based in Japan, Net Smile, Inc. is using next-generation AI technologies to help businesses evolve and gain a competitive edge to compete in the marketplaces of the 21st-century. To learn more, please click here.

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AIScanRobo®, is able to extract business data faster and accurately by analyzing the format of each type of invoice and storing the results as a template. Moreover, as the AI learns through the reading process, the accuracy increases over time.


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